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Social and Gender Psychology (attitudes, gender socialization, psychology as a major)

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PhD - Social Psychology (University of California, Irvine)
Undergraduate Degree - Psychology & Women's Studies (University of California, Santa Cruz)



Karolyn Bald, International Education & Engagement; and Bianca Basten and Betsy Morgan, both Psychology; co-authored the article "LinkedIn®: Advice for Students and Faculty " in Eye on Psi Chi published on Thursday, Feb. 4 by Psi Chi.

Submitted on: Feb. 4



Betsy Morgan, Academic Affairs, Provost's Office, co-authored the article "Doing Assessment Well: Advances for Undergraduate Psychology Programs and Psychology Educators" in Teaching of Psychology published on Sept. 11 by Sage. Coauthors include: Dunn, D., Coffman, K., Boysen, G. A., Bhalla, M., Diaz-Granados, J., McGregor, L. N., Smith, P.

Submitted on: Sept. 14, 2020



Betsy Morgan, Provost's Office, was interviewed by Psi Chi of the podcast PsychEverywhere on Monday, Feb. 3. The topic of the podcast is "Choosing Graduate Schools" for psychology majors.

Submitted on: Feb. 3, 2020



Betsy Morgan, Psychology, presented "A Walk on the Dark Side: Administrative Perspectives on Quality Teaching " at Association of Psychological Science on May 28, 2019 in Washington DC.

Submitted on: May 28, 2019



Natalie Solverson, Institutional Research; Mark Morales, Political Science; Jo Arney and Timothy Dale, both Political Science, Public Admin; Betsy Morgan, Provost's office; Tesia Marshik, Psychology; and Enilda Delgado, Sociology; presented "Utilizing data and strategic planning to bring student success to scale" at AASCU Academic Affairs summer meeting on July 26 in Seattle, WA. UWL student Mark Morales joined Tim Dale and Jo Arney for the closing plenary, "Opportunities Disguised as Challenges: Student Success Past, Present, and Future" to a standing ovation.

Submitted on: Aug. 6, 2018