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Profile for Brian Pompeii

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Brian Pompeii

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Assistant Teaching Professor
Geography & Environmental Science
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Brian Pompeii Pronouns: He/Him/His

Assistant Teaching Professor

Geography & Environmental Science

Specialty area(s)

My specialty areas include water resource management, environmental justice, sustainability, and hazards. 

Current courses at UWL

GEO 102: Maps and Society 

GEO 110: World Cultural Regions

GEO 200: Conservation of Global Environments 

GEO 211: Global Climate Change 

FYS 100: New Ideas for a Sustainable Future: Using our Campus as a Laboratory for Environmental Sustainability and Social Equity


PhD - Arizona State University

M.A. - Arizona State University

B.S. - The Pennsylvania State University 


Research and publishing



Briens, E., Y. Chiu, D. Braun, P. Verma, G. Fiegel, B. Pompeii, K. Singh. Assessing Sustainability Knowledge for Undergraduate Students in Different Academic Programs and Settings. The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.



Pompeii, B. The Social Production of the Great California Drought, 2012-2017. Association of Pacific Coast Geographers Yearbook 82:1-23.



Pompeii, B., D. Neill, Y. Chiu, D. Braun, G. Fiegel, P. O’Sullivan, R. Oultan, J. Ragsdale, K. Singh. Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Teaching Sustainability Across the Curriculum at a Teaching-Oriented University. Sustainability 11(9): 2652.



Pompeii, B. Reverse osmosis on a small barrier island: transformations of water, landscape, and vulnerability on Ocracoke Island, NC. Geojournal 81(3): 457-473.



Pompeii, B. Using public radio as a tool in qualitative geographic research. Geojournal 80(6): 791-802.



Bolin, B., M. Seetharam and B. Pompeii. 2010. Water resources, climate change, and urban vulnerability: A case study of Phoenix, Arizona. Local Environment 15(3): 257-275