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Christine Ascencio

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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International Management, Social Enterprise, International Business & Human Rights 

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I'm Christine Ascencio, Assistant Professor of Management, and I started teaching at UWL in the Spring of 2020.  I'm originally from Columbus, Indiana, but lived and studied in Saint Louis, Missouri, for many years where I studied my bachelor's, masters, and doctoral degrees from Saint Louis University.

My academic interests center around the social impact of international business, whether it's negative (e.g., human rights violations committed by multinational corporations), or positive (e.g., proactive businesses and organizations trying to create social value around the world).

I love to travel, and lived for two years in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, where I taught English to kindergarten and high school students! I also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, and Managua, Nicaragua, and used to work as a Spanish medical interpreter. Later, I became a part of the top management team for the interpreting agency, where I hired and trained medical interpreters from all over the world. I truly loved working with and learning from people from vastly different cultures--something that inspired my interest in international business. 

When I'm not working, I keep busy with my husband, two kids, and our adorable Mexican dog. We love to go hiking and biking on the many trails the La Crosse area has to offer (and sledding in the winter, of course!).

Current courses at UWL

MGT 360

MGT 408



Ph.D.: International Business & Marketing, Saint Louis University

M.B.A.: Saint Louis University

B.A.: Theological Studies & International Studies, Saint Louis University


Teaching history

MGT 360

MGT 408

MGT 431

MGT 400: Global Consulting Program in Slovakia



Christine Ascencio, Management, authored the article "Recognizing the rights of “others”: A framework for corporate human rights violations in international business" in the International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, published on Monday, Jan. 22 by Sage.

Submitted on: Jan. 22



Christine Ascencio, Management, presented "Case Study on Global Corporate Social Responsibility: A Tale of Two Toxic Cities" at Academy of International Business Annual Conference on July 6.

Submitted on: Oct. 14, 2022



A student and his international team from Christine Ascencio, Management's Spring 2022 MGT 360 class was selected as one of the Best Teams for X-Culture!

Submitted on: Oct. 13, 2022



Christine Ascencio, Management, co-authored the article "Going global: The influence of transformative experience on social entrepreneurial decisions to internationalize. " in The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation published on Aug. 25 by Sage Journals. Co-authors: Benmamoun M., Alhorr H. doi:10.1177/14657503221121576

Submitted on: Sept. 28, 2022



Christine Ascencio, Management, co-authored the article "Perceptions of the healthcare system among stakeholders" in Patient Experience Journal; 8(3): 79-87; published on Nov. 4, 2021 by The Beryl Institute.

Submitted on: Mar. 15, 2022


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