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Specialty area(s)

anthropology of food, medical anthropology, community development, the social construction and politics of gender/ethnic/racial/national identities, migration, Latin American and the Caribbean Studies, public health

Current courses at UWL

ANT 195 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANT 212 Search for Economic Justice (General Education category 04)
ANT 366 Anthropology of Food
ANT 307 International Development and Culture Change
ANT 354 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANT 370 Medical Anthropology
ANT 454 Theoretical and Historical Approaches to Anthropology

ANT 495/96 Senior Thesis/Honors Thesis in Cultural Anthropology


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh (2007), Anthropology

M.P.H. University of Pittsburgh (2007), Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

M.A. University of Wyoming (2000), Anthropology

B.A. Clark University (Worcester, MA) (1994), Psychology, with concentrations in Spanish and Education

Research and publishing


 Forthcoming  ‘Not Even A Grain of Rice:’ Food, Belonging, and Haitian-Dominican Relations in the Dominican Republic.  Book contract with Lexington Press (Rowman & Littlefield).

Peer Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Schwartz, Ashley (UWL student author) and Christine Hippert  

2019      Examining "Gap-Filling" in the Curriculum of the Pirwa After-School Program in Huancarani, Bolivia. Practicing Anthropology 41(2): 34-39.


Hippert, Christine

2019    “Put It On My Tab:” Dominican-Haitian Relations and Buying Food on Credit in                            Neighborhood Corner Stores.  In Foodscapes: Food, Space, and Place in a Global Society.  Carlnita P. Green, ed.  Pp. 139-166. Peter Lang Publishers.

2017    The Moral Economy of Corner Stores and Haitian-Dominican Interpersonal Relations in the Dominican Republic.  Food and Foodways: Explorations in History and Culture of Human Nourishment 24(3): 1-22.

2017    Farm to School Movement.  In Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics (2nd Edition).  Paul B. Thompson and David M. Kaplan, eds.  Pp. 1-6. Spring Publishers.

2017    Friction, Anti-Haitianism, and Everyday Dominican-Haitian Interpersonal Relations in the Dominican Republic.  Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and its Global Diaspora 17(2): 9-39.

 2017    Agriculture and Colonialism. In Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics (2nd Edition).  Paul B. Thompson and David M. Kaplan, eds.  Pp. 1-7. Spring Publishers.


Hippert, Christine, Emma Bremer, Angela Rooker, Mitchell Running, Hana Tanberg, & Rileigh Van Driessche (UWL student co-authors)

2014    From Local Fields to School Lunch Lines: Multiple Stakeholders' Perspectives in a Farm 2 School Program.  Practicing Anthropology 36(1): 11-16.


Hippert, Christine

2014    Day of the Dead.  In A-Z of Death and Dying: Social, Cultural and Medical Aspects.  Michael Brennan, ed.  Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

2013    Food Insecurity, Andean Indigeneity, and Development Aid: Constructing Local and Global Development Identities in Huancarani, Bolivia.  Bolivian Research Review 10(1): 151-190.

2011    The Politics and Practices of Constructing Development Identities in Rural Bolivia.  Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 16(1): 90-113.

2011    Women's Spaces, Gender Mainstreaming, and Development Priorities: Popular                              Participation as a Gendered Process in Rural Bolivia.  Women’s Studies International Forum 34: 498-508.

2008    Nongovernmental Organizations: Latin America.  Encyclopedia of the Modern World: 1750 – Present.  Peter Stearns, ed.  New York: Oxford University Press.

2002    Multinational Corporations, the Politics of the World Economy, and their Effects on Women’s Health in the Developing World: A Review.  Health Care for Women International 23(8): 861-869.