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Christine Hippert

Specialty area(s)

anthropology of food, medical anthropology, community development, gender/ethnic/racial identities, migration, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Haiti

Current courses at UWL

ANT 202 Contemporary Global Issues (General Education category 04)

ANT 212 Search for Economic Justice (General Education category 04)
ANT 366 Anthropology of Food
ANT 307 International Development and Culture Change
ANT 354 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANT 370 Medical Anthropology
ANT 454 Theoretical and Historical Approaches to Anthropology

ANT 495/96 Senior Thesis/Honors Thesis in Cultural Anthropology


B.A. Clark University (Worcester, MA) (1994), M.A. University of Wyoming (2000), M.P.H. University of Pittsburgh (2007), Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh (2007)