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SOEFaculty badge, ECA/SPA

Specialty area(s)

Spanish, Applied Linguistics, World Language Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching and Learning of Culture, Virtual Reality in World Language Learning

Brief biography

Dr. Mitchell completed her graduate degree at the University of Alabama in Spanish and Applied Linguistics. Her research interests center on world language pedagogy, specifically the teaching and learning of culture in the world language classroom, the use of virtual reality, and developing learners' interests in learning about culture.

Current courses at UWL

SPA 335: Writing to Effect Change: Global & Responsible Citizenship

SPA 382: Spanish Storytelling

GCL 300: Field Experience I (World Language Education)

GCL 420: Teaching World Languages: Design & Application

Field & Student Teaching Observations


Ph.D. Spanish and Applied Linguistics, University of Alabama

M.A. Romance Languages, University of Memphis

M.A.Ed. Secondary Education, Union University

B.A. Spanish, Union University

B.A. Public Relations, Union University

Research and publishing


Mitchell, C. (In progress). Developing an advocacy stance through virtual reality in an advanced-level Spanish course.

Mitchell, C. (In progress). Pedagogies in a digital age: The effects of Pinterest on visualizing and reflecting on the imagined L2 self.

Finney, S., & Mitchell, C. (Under review). Effecting change in an advanced language classroom: A look through the lens of biopiracy.

Mitchell, C. (2020). The power of positive emotions: Cultivating global competence in introductory-level Spanish through learner interest. Journal of Applied Language Learning, 30(1-2), 79-90.

Mitchell, C. (2019). I Do and I Understand: Professional Learning Communities to Engage Learners in Authentic Practice. In C. Lenkaitis, & S. Hilliker (Eds.), Engaging Teacher Candidates and Language Learners With Authentic Practice (pp. 15-34). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-8543-5.ch002

Mitchell, C. (2018). Pinterest: A vehicle to promote cross-cultural awareness in an introductory Spanish course. Hispania, 101(4), 573-586.

Mitchell, C. (2017, June). An exploration of virtual reality to develop global competence inside the foreign language classroom. The Teaching and Learning of Cultures SIG Newsletter, 4(3), 4-6.

Mitchell, C. (2016). Web 2.0 Use to Foster Learners’ Intercultural Sensitivity: An Exploratory Study. In P. Rucks and A.E. Fantini (Eds.) Dimension Special Issue: Focus on Intercultural Competence. Atlanta: SCOLT Publications.

Mitchell, C. (2015). Activating the imagination inside the world language classroom. Learning Languages, 21(1), 24-25.

Mitchell, C. (2015). “Pinterested” in culture: Using the digital world to explore diverse cultural perspectives. The Language Educator, 10(3), 42-43.

Drewelow, I. & Mitchell, C. (2015). An exploration of learners' conceptions of language, culture, and learning in advanced-level Spanish courses. Language, Culture, and Curriculum, 1-14. doi: 10.1080/07908318.2015.1078347

Mitchell, C. (2015, May). Using Pinterest to develop learners’ cross-cultural awareness. The Teaching and Learning of Cultures SIG Newsletter, 2(3), 3-4.

Recent Conferences

Mitchell, C., & Brougham, R. (2020). What Students Want Versus What Students Need: A Study of Learner Interests for Curriculum Redesign. Poster accepted to be presented at the annual American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Denver, CO. Conference canceled due to COVID-19.

 Morris, K., & Mitchell, C. (2019). Fostering Culturally Responsive Pedagogies in a Teacher Education Program. Paper presented at the annual American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages convention (ACTFL), Washington, D.C.

Morris, K., & Mitchell, C. (2019). Preparing Language Teachers for 21st-Century Learners: The Process and Product of Curriculum Redesign. Paper accepted to be presented at the 11th International Language Teacher Education Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Mitchell, C. (2018). Employing virtual reality to explore the effects of narcofútbol in Colombia. Paper presented at the annual American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages convention (ACTFL), New Orleans, LA.

Mitchell, C. (2018). Exploring narcofútbol in Colombia: A study of students’ perceptions of virtual reality. Paper presented at the annual Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO), Chicago, IL.

Mitchell, C. (2018). Narcofútbol in Colombia: Using content-driven virtual reality projects to develop alternate perspectives of the world. Paper presented at the annual American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Chicago, IL.

Mitchell, C., Hay, S. & Morris, K. (2017). Maximizing effective language teaching through Professional Learning Communities and action research. Paper presented at the annual Wisconsin Association of Language Teachers (WAFLT) conference, Appleton, WI.

Mitchell, C. (2017). Surviving the Shark Tank: A content-based approach to teaching Spanish for business purposes. Paper presented at the annual The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) conference, Chicago, IL.

Mitchell, C., Finney, S. & Tanous, C. (2017). Adapting to a globalized educational landscape: Preparing educators, preparing learners. Paper presented at the 10th International Conference on Language Teacher Education, Los Angeles, CA.

Mitchell, C. (2016). Culture + Pinterest = Learner interest. Paper presented at the annual Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT), Charlotte, NC.

Mitchell, C. (2016). Encouraging global citizenship: Culturally focused pedagogies that engage and interest 21st century learners. Paper presented at the annual American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Orlando, FL.

Mitchell, C. (2015). Is it relevant? Pedagogies that best engage digital natives. Paper presented at the annual Alabama World Languages Association (AWLA), Troy, Alabama.

Mitchell, C. (2015). “That’s Pinteresting!”: Visualizing the L2 self in the digital realm. Paper presented at the annual Second Language Research Forum (SLRF), Atlanta, GA.

Mitchell, C. (2015). Using social media to develop learners’ cross-cultural awareness in the foreign language classroom. Paper presented at the annual Alabama Modern Languages Conference (AMLC), Tuscaloosa, AL. 

Mitchell, C. (2015). Pinterest: Activity theory and social interaction enabling the teaching and learning of culture. Paper presented at the annual American Association for Applied Linguistics conference (AAAL), Toronto, Canada.