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Charissa Niedzwiecki

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Specialty area(s)

Aging, Family, Health, Interpersonal

Current courses at UWL

CST 230 -- Interpersonal Communication
CST 336 -- Family Communication
CST 338 -- Sex, Love & Romance in the Mass Media
CST 339 -- Aging & Communication


University of NE--Lincoln -- B.S.
University of Alaska--Fairbanks M.Ed.
University of NE--Lincoln -- PhD.

Teaching history

CST 110
Small Group Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Gender Communication
Intercultural Communication
Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Professional history

I have previously taught at the University of Nebraska--Lincoln and the University of Alaska--Fairbanks.

Research and publishing

Current Publication: "Odd or Ordinary: "The Influence of Reality TV on Perceptions of Family in Reality TV" in Reality TV: Oddities of Culture" Published March, 2014.

Current research:  Birth & Family Stories