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Caroline Thao

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New freshman admissions counselor, multicultural and diversity recruiter, group visit coordinator.


Brief biography

Hometowns:  Milwaukee, WI and Onalaska, WI.

Interests: Visiting museums and botanical gardens, classical music and jazz ensemble performances, creative writing, political philosophy, and international relations.

Favorite Place in La Crosse: Riverside International Friendship Gardens

Favorite Activity in La Crosse: Floral decoration using native plants.

Favorite Restaurant in La Crosse: Lovechild

Advice for New Freshmen: Build a resume by getting involved in undergraduate research, practice leadership, intentionally get to know people different from you, and building a support system with advisors and mentors who will help hold you accountable towards your personal and professional goals.  Let curiosity drive your learning, find a cause to be passionate, study abroad, acquire fluency in another language, do a semester-long paid internship, and look for coaches and role models everywhere you go.  

Favorite Campus Event: Meeting a visiting international legal delegation.


B.A. in Political Science with Global Politics emphasis

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs