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Daniel Modaff

Specialty area(s)

Organizational Communication

Current courses at UWL

Fall 2018:

CST 452: Contemporary Perspectives in Organizational Communication

CST 498: Research Methods


PhD (1995) The University of Texas at Austin

MA (1991) Northern Illinois University

BS (1989) Northern Illinois University

Teaching history

UW-L Courses Taught:

CST 260: Professional Communication
CST 350: Organizational Communication
CST 452: Contemporary Issues in Organizational Communication
CST 491: Leadership & Communication: Lessons from the Lakota
CST 498: Communication Research Methods
CST 499: Senior Project in CST

Professional history

Ohio University (1995-2009; Associate Professor) Courses Taught:

Introduction to Organizational Communication
Advanced Presentations
Practicum in Organizational Communication Organizational Culture (graduate)
Techniques of Small Group Discussion
Communication in Organizations (graduate)
Conversation Analysis (graduate)
Performance, Self, and Identity
Introduction to Graduate Study
Advanced Organizational Communication
Lessons from the Lakota
Lakota Traditions & Modern Problems
Service & the Academy (graduate)

Western Kentucky University (2009-2010; Associate Professor & Department Head) Courses Taught:

Organizational Communication
Applied Organizational Communication (graduate)

Research and publishing

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