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Evan Brody

Specialty area(s)

Media Studies; Cultural Studies; Queer Theory and LGBTQ Studies; Television Studies; Sports Studies; Qualitative Methods

Current courses at UWL

CST 271: Media & Society

CST 419:  Communication, Media, and Identity


Ph.D. - Communication - University of Southern California, The Annenberg School of Communication

M.A. - Media, Culture, and Communication - New York University

B.S. - Communication - Northwestern University

Teaching history

CST 110: Communicating Effectively

CST 271: Media & Society

CST 419: Communication, Media, and Identity

Previous Institution: Interpreting Popular Culture; The Cultures of New Media; Sports & Social Change; Public Speaking

Research and publishing

Pariera, K. L., Brody, E. (2017) “‘Talk more about it.’  Emerging adults’ attitudes about how and when parents should talk about sex.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy. DOI: 10.1007/s13178-017-0314-9

Brody, E. (2011).  “Categorizing Coming Out: The Modern Televisual Mediation of Queer Youth Identification.” Spectator, 31.2, (35-44).