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Eric Kraemer

Specialty area(s)

Philosophy of Mind, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Medical Ethics

Brief biography

Born: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Current courses at UWL

PHL 101, Introduction to Logic
PHL/PSY 333, Philosophy of Mind


PhD. Brown University, 1979

A.M. Brown University, 1977

A.B. Yale University, 1973

Teaching history

Courses taught at UW-L:
PHL 100, Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 101, Introduction to Logic
PHL 201, Introduction to Ethics
PHL/PSY 301, Theory of Knowledge
PHL/PSY 333, Philosophy of Mind
PHL 334, Philosophy of Science
PHL 339, Medical Ethics
HON 100, Search for Values

Professional history

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Nebraska, 1919-1985
Associate Professor of Philosophy, UW-Wasington County, 1985-1988
Associate Professor of Philosophy, UW-L, 1988-1991
Professor of Philosophy, UW-L, 1991-present

Research and publishing

Various papers and articles in areas of specialization