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Gary Willhite

Specialty area(s)

Teacher Leadership, Supervision, English/Language Arts/Literacy

Brief biography

I grew up in Littleton, CO., just south of Denver, CO. Attending Bob Jones University (B.S. in speech education and theatre design and directing), Wichita State University (M.A. in English - Medieval British Literature) and Kansas State University (Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, prepared me for higher education which I have been a part of for the past 25 years. I have private school experience ( 1 year) and public school experience (11 years) serving as a faculty member and as the Director of Curriculum K-12. I joined the Department of Educational Studies at UW-L in August of 2008 as an Associate Professor, earning tenure in 2010. I have held various leadership roles at UW-L in the School of Education and in the university at large. Currently I serve as a Faculty Fellow in the School of Education Dean's office fulfilling part of an Associate Dean's responsibilities.

I have an open-door policy, in which students and faculty are welcome to stop by any time my door is open. When not in La Crosse, I am most likely traveling with my family.

Current courses at UWL

C-I 695: Supervision of Student Teachers and Field
EDS 203: Schhol, Society & Teachers
EDS 450: Field Experience II
EDS 712: Reading Difficulties for School Pyschologist
RDG 711: Advanced REseach in Literacy
RDG 712: Reading Difficulties in


Ph.D. - Kansas State University / Curriculum & Instruction - Teacher Leadership, Supervision, English/Language Arts/Literacy

M.A - Cambridge University, UK & Wichita State University / Medieval British Literature and English

B.S. - Bob Jones University / Speech Education, Theatre Design and Directing, English Language Arts

Teaching history

Current Certification:
- K-12 Supervisor for English/Language Arts/Literacy
- 7-12 Speech/Drama (Kansas 2017)
- 7-12 English (Kansas 2017)

Professional Years:
- 1 year in Private Education
- 11 years in Public Education
- 25 years in Higher Education

Professional history

Manuscript Reviewer:
- Corwin Press
- School University Partnerships (NAPDS)
- Education Forum (KDP)
Past Director of Curriculum K-12 district

Regional /National:
- Regional Director of Junior Science & Humanities
Symposium (JSHS) for Wisconsin
- ATE Clinical Practice Fellow - Association of Teacher
- NBPTS - facilitator
- edTPA - scorer in Performing Arts, Visual Arts and English

Research and publishing

My research signature is based on the Professional Development School Movement, effective characteristics of teaching, and collaborative work between higher education and k-12 schools. Areas of current research are:
o Professional Development Schools as change agents
o Effective characteristics of teaching as viewed through the lens of pre-service teacher candidates
o Collaborative work between higher education and k-12 schools
o Teacher self-efficacy