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Heather Linville

Specialty area(s)

Dr. Linville's main research areas are advocacy for English learners (ELs), critical language awareness, culturally reponsive pedagogy, standards, and curriculum design.

Brief biography

Dr. Linville is Assistant Professor and Director of TESOL at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. Heather holds a PhD in Language, Literacy and Culture from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her research explores how teachers act as advocates for ELs and how teachers’ personal, experiential, and contextual factors influence their advocacy actions. She works to prepare all TESOL and general education pre-service teachers at her university as advocates for ELs. Heather’s on-going research interests include language teacher education, critical language awareness, and social justice for ELs. Heather has published in TESOL Journal (“ESOL Teachers as Advocates: An Important Role?”), Fourth Estate, the publication of TexTESOL (“Preparing New Teachers for the Advocacy Role”), the TEIS newsletter (“Advocacy or Activism: What Do We Expect from ESOL Teachers?”), and in an edited volume on teacher agency (“ESOL Teacher Advocacy: A Response to Teacher Education Standards”). She is currently editing a volume on advocacy in English language teaching with Dr. James Whiting (Plymouth State University). Heather has served on the Standards Team for TESOL International and is currently the Chair of the Nominating Committee. She is also a reviewer for TESOL/CAEP accreditation.


Current courses at UWL

Dr. Linville teaches the following courses in the TESOL minor:

TSL 340: The Study of Language

TSL 345: Intercultural Interactions

TSL 400: TESOL Policies and Programs Models

TSL 463: TESOL Methods

She additionally teaches the following courses for the Department of Education Studies:

TSL 200: Introduction to English Language Learners and Advocacy for ELs

EDS 309: Education in a Global Society

Teaching history

Dr. Linville begun her teaching career as a middle school Spanish teacher in Baltimore, Maryland. She then moved to teaching English as a second language (ESL) to students of all ages worldwide. She has lived in Mexico, Panama, and Indonesia, and settled in La Crosse in 2014.