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Heidi Masters

Associate Professor
Educational Studies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Science Education

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Dr. Heidi Masters is an Assistant Professor in Educational Studies at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UWL) and teaches science methods courses to future teachers. She received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in science education from Indiana University-Bloomington. She has taught fifth and sixth grade science in Ogden, Utah and continues to involve herself in STEM programs and research.

Current courses at UWL

EDS 421

EDS 445

EDS 492



2010-2015: Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction – Science Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

2008: M.S. in Elementary Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

2002-2007: B.S. in Elementary Education, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


Teaching history

2015-present: Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

2010-2015: Associate Instructor at Indiana University - Bloomington

2007-2010: Public School Teacher at Ogden Preparatory Academy in Ogden, Utah

Research and publishing

Masters, H. (2020). Using teaching rehearsals to prepare preservice teachers for explanation-driven science instruction. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 31(4), 414-434.   

Masters, H., & Shrake, T. (2019). Winter fun without wet mittens.  Science and Children, 57(3), 33-39.

Masters, H., Dagget, K., Fonk, A., Geiser, A., Hund, J., Kohlbeck, K., Peterson, P., Smith, J., Zander, Z., & Zaspel, T. (2019). Building water diversion structures to protect plants from too many rain showers.  Science and Children, 57(1), 36-43. 

Masters, H., Hilgendorf, C., Stundahl, L., Gresl, M., & Jentsch, A. (2019).  Help Batman engineer a safe and stable house. Science and Children, 56(5), 78-83.

Masters, H., & Park Rogers, M. (2018). Examining early elementary teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge for teaching scientific explanations. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 29(3), 223-242.

Fouad, K. E., Masters, H. L., & Akerson, V. (2015). Using History of Science to Teach Nature of Science to Elementary Students. Science & Education, 24(9), 1103-1140.   



Jacob Brehmer, Douglas Feyen, Heidi Masters and David McKittrick, all Educational Studies students, co-authored the article "Farmers vs. Rabbits: Maintaining Balance with Environmentally Sustainable Solutions" in Science and Children and was accepted for publication by National Science Teaching Association. Congratulations on your innovative science and engineering article being recently accepted for publication in Science and Children.

Submitted on: Nov. 22, 2022



Heidi Masters, Educational Studies and Jennifer Docktor, Physics, co-authored the article "Preservice Teachers’ Abilities and Confidence with Constructing Scientific Explanations as Scaffolds are Faded in a Physics Course for Educators" in Journal of Science Teacher Education published on Jan. 10 by Taylor Francis. Dr. Heidi Masters and Dr. Jennifer Docktor advanced the field of teacher education with their recent publication related to scientific explanations. Dr. Masters and Dr. Docktor not only advanced the understanding of how to best prepare future science educators but also how to best use cross-departmental collaborations. Well done, Dr. Masters and Dr. Docktor!

Submitted on: Feb. 13, 2022