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Profile for Irene Awino

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Irene Awino

Assistant Professor
Communication Studies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Media Studies

Global Media and Technology

International Affairs/News

Africa - News, Entertainment, Sports

Gender and Development

Journalism in the Global South - Critical Perspectives

Reparations, Affirmative Action, Migration, Human Rights

Current courses at UWL

CST 271 - Media and Society

CST 378 - Emerging Media and Society


Phd (Media Studies) - University of Oregon

MA (Communication Studies) - University of Nairobi 

BA (Linguistics/Sociology) - Kenyatta University


Teaching history

Survey of Communication Studies

Media and Society

International Communication

Global Media and Communication

Media and Technology in Africa

Women, Gender Studies

Communication for Development and Social Change

Professional history


Non-Profit Grassroots Advocacy (Women's Rights)

Associate Producer/ Documentary Film

Research and publishing


Awino, I., Fofie, I. & Steeves, H. L. (2023). Gender and Digital Communication in  Sub-Sahara Africa: A Political Economy of Enduring Inequalities. In Creedon, J. P. & Wackwitz, A. L. (Eds.), Women in Mass Communication: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. (pp.125-140). Routledge.  

Awino, I. (2021). Networks of collective memory. Women’s narratives of injustices in Northern Kenya. In Cloete, E., Ndakalako-Bannikov, M. & Crystal, M. (Eds.),  Intervening Connections: Mapping Women’s Networks of Support in 21st Century African Communities (pp.143-162). Lexington Books.  

Awino I. (2021) “You can’t run away from the truth”. Journalistic reflections of enduring injustices that shape news-making in Kenya. In E. C.  Tandoc Jr., J. Jenkins, R. J. Thomas & O. Westlund (Eds.), Critical incidents in journalism. Pivotal moments reshaping journalism around the World (pp. 85-98). Routledge. 

Steeves, H. L. & Awino, I. (2015). Gender Divides in African media. African Journalism Studies Journal, 36(1), pp. 84-92

Awino, I. (2020). [Review of the book Peace through media, by L. Rhodes]. International Journal of Communication, 14, 5288-5291

Awino, I. & Steeves, H. L. (2017). [Review of the book An Introduction to Communication, by R. Nyaga, D. Njoroge &, C. Nyambuga]. International Journal of Communication11, 1256-1260. 

Memberships & affiliations

[{"organization":"International Communication Association","position":"International Representative (Feminist Scholarship Division))","url":""}]