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Specialty area(s)

rural Latin America; indigenous cultures, territorialities, and property rights;  forest-agriculture dynamics; participatory research mapping; protected areas

Current courses at UWL

World Cultural Regions (GEO 110)

Maps and GIS (GEO/ESC 250)

Capstone (GEO 401)


BA Geographical Studies, University of Chicago

MLA Landscape Architecture, University of California Berkeley

PhD Geography, University of Kansas


Teaching history

Maps and Society (GEO 102)

Political Geography (GEO 307)

Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean (GEO 318)

Islamic Asia: Cradle of Civilizations, Geographies of Conflict (GEO 331)

Geography of Europe (GEO 304)


Research and publishing

  1. Kelly, John, Peter Herlihy, Taylor Tappan, Andrew Hilburn, and Matthew Fahrenbruch. From Cognitive Maps to Transparent Static Web Maps: Tools for Indigenous Territorial Control in La Muskitia, Honduras. Cartographica, 52 (1)
  1. Kelly, John. La Posesión de Tierra y la Producción de Agua [Land Ownership and the Production of Water]. Reflexiones - Revista Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Costa Rica 91 (1), 289-298.
  1. Kelly, John, Peter Herlihy, Derek Smith, Aida Ramos Viera, Andrew Hilburn, and Gerardo Hernandez Cendejas. Indigenous Territoriality at the End of the Social Property Era in Mexico. Journal of Latin American Geography 9 (3), 161-181.



John Kelly, Geography & Earth Science, co-authored the article "From Cognitive Maps to Transparent Static Web Maps: Tools for Indigenous Territorial Control in La Muskitia, Honduras" in "Cartographica" published on April 19, 2017 by University of Toronto Press. As indigenous groups claim a fundamental role in the governance and management of the territories they inhabit, the evolution of digital and web-based maps continues to offer tools that support these activities, while demonstrating to state governments, educators, and others the distinct indigenous concepts and practices. In this article, UWL Assistant Professor Kelly and his co-authors recount the pioneering participatory mapping work they have led with indigenous Miskitu, Tawahka, and Pech communities in Honduras. One of their maps is featured on the cover.

Submitted on: April 20, 2017