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Joan Temple

Specialty area(s)


Health Literacy

Mental Health

Cognitve Function

Fieldwork Preparation, Professional Development

Brief biography

Grew up in Milwaukee

Worked as an Occupational Therapist in Chicago, Boston, Burlington, VT, Philadelphia, and La Crosse.

Joined UWL faculty in 1998, helped create the first BS OT curriculum 

Helped to formulate UWL's Master of Occupational Therapy Degree 

Enjoys travel, gourmet cooking, knitting, reading, and independent film



Current courses at UWL


OT 570 OT Intervention:  Group Dynamics

OT 571  Applied OT Intervention:  Group Dynamics

OT 790 Adult Physical Disabilties Level I Fieldwork

OT 573 Mental Health Level I Fieldwork

OT 660 Mental Illness

OT 661 Applied Mental Illness

OT 726 Fieldwork Seminar

OT 795 Level II Fieldwork, Summer and Fall


Mount Mary College, BS degree, Occupational Therapy, 1976

University of Minnesota, Master of Education/Adult Education, 2008

Teaching history

Health Literacy Lectures throughout HP Department, ongoing

Fieldwork Educator Certification Workshops, ongoing

Occupation Performance Analysis

Therapeutic Adaptations

Older Adult


Professional history

In patient mental health

In pateint acute care and rehabilitation

Home Health, urban and rural

Community Based Transitional Living Programming for Individuals with Brain Injury

Lead OT rehabiliation

Assistant Occupational Therapy  Director, In Patient Rehab.