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Jörg Vianden

Specialty area(s)

student persistence; men and masculinities in higher education; student affairs - academic affairs collaboration

Brief biography

I am a dual German-American citizen and I have lived in the U.S. for nearly 25 years. All my degrees are from U.S. institutions and before joining the UW-L faculty in 2010, I worked as a student affairs professional for four different large public universities in the U.S.


B.A. in English, Luther College, 1996
M.A. in Higher Education, The University of Iowa, 1999
Ed.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs, Indiana University, 2006

Teaching history

Courses typically taught include:

SAA 765: Assessment in Student Affairs
SAA 705: History of Higher Education
SAA 720: Men and Masculinities in Higher Education
SAA 720: HESA in a German Context (Study Tour to Germany)

Professional history

Before joining the faculty at UWL I worked in progressively responsible residence life and housing positions at Iowa State University, Indiana University, University of Oregon, and University of Arkansas for more than 10 years.

Research and publishing

Vianden, J. (accepted). "In all honesty, you don't learn much": College student perceptions of diversity requirements and instructors. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

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Vianden, J., & Gregg. E. A. (2017). What's my responsibility? Undergraduate White men in sport management discuss increasing diversity in sport. Sport Management Education Journal, 11, 88-101.DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1123/smej.2015-0023

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