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Jaclyn Wisinski

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Platelets prevent blood loss from the vasculature and changes in the abundance and/or function of platelet compromises their ability to execute that function. Too many (thrombocythemia) or too few (thrombocytopenia) circulating platelet increase risk of thrombosis and hemorrhage, respectively. The primary goal of my research is to understand what regulates platelet production by megakaryocytes.

Current courses at UWL

BIO 105 - Introductory Biology

BIO 315 - Cell Biology 

BIO 483/583 - Cell Signaling


B.S. Biology, cell and molecular concentration at the University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse

Ph.D. Pharmacology & Toxicology at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Post-doctoral fellowships at the Blood Research Institute (Milwaukee, WI) and University of Wisconsin-Madison 



Caleb Andrews, Josh Hetcher, Audrey Mattmiller and Jaclyn Wisinski, all Biology students, presented "Phosphorylated Rap1b plays a role in the Cell Cycle of Megakaryocytes, Activation and Phosphorylation Detection Assay for Rap1b in DAMI Megakaryocyte Cells, and Determining the Role of Rap1b in Megakaryocyte Survival, respectively" at SPARK Symposium on Aug. 1 in LaCrosse, WI. Caleb, Josh, and Audrey are mentored by Jaclyn Wisinski, Biology.

Submitted on: Aug. 3, 2022



Audrey Mattmiller and Jaclyn Wisinski, both Biology students, presented "Determining the Role of Rap1b in Megakaryocyte Survival" at American Heart Association Basic Cardiovascular Sciences meeting on July 26 in Chicago, IL. Audrey is mentored by Jaclyn Wisinski.

Submitted on: Aug. 3, 2022



Scott Cooper, Jennifer Klein, Todd Osmundson, Anton Sanderfoot, Jaclyn Wisinski and Alder Yu, all Biology, co-authored the article "Instructional Innovations in College-Level Molecular Bioscience Labs during the Pandemic-Induced Shift to Online Learning" in Education Sciences published on Wednesday, March 23 by MDPI. Educ. Sci. 2022, 12(4), 230;

Submitted on: Mar. 23, 2022



Jaclyn Wisinski, Biology, co-authored the article "Prostaglandin EP3 Receptor signaling is required to prevent insulin hypersecretion and metabolic dysfunction in a non-obese mouse model of insulin resistance" in American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology & Metabolism published on July 6 by American Physiological Society. Jaclyn Wisinski published a research article describing how elimination of the membrane protein EP3 causes excessive insulin secretion and metabolic disruptions in healthy mice. Most of the experiments for this publication were conducted by undergraduates and PhD students under Jaclyn's direction at UW-Madison School of Medicine, in collaboration with Michelle Kimple, PhD.

Submitted on: July 20, 2021



Jaclyn Wisinski, Biology, presented "Exploring the Role of Rap1b in Megakaryocyte Survival and Function" at Hamline University BioExSci Seminar Series on Sept. 18 in St. Paul, MN. Jaclyn held a one-hour question and answer session with over 80 Hamline University undergraduates and faculty following her virtual presentation.

Submitted on: Nov. 10, 2020


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