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Kelly Nowicki

Teaching Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Business

Current courses at UWL

Spring 2023

MGT 420 - Entrepreneurship

MGT 480 - Sustainable Business Capstone

Fall 2022

MGT 308 - Organizational Behavior

MGT 420 - Entrepreneurship

Spring 2022

MGT 420 - Entrepreneurship

Integrated Core Program:

MKT 309 - Principles of Marketing

MGT 323 -  Integrated Core Business Consulting and Professional Communication

Fall 2021

Integrated Core Program:

MGT 308 - Organizational Behavior

MGT 323 -  Integrated Core Business Consulting and Professional Communication


UW-La Crosse
MBA 2002
BS 1998


Teaching history

Adjunct at Viterbo University - Spring 2013

Western Technical College - Summer 2008

Member of the UWL Marketing Department from 2005-2007

Professional history

NOWICKI NETWORK - Contracting business involved in non-profit project management, auditing, facilitation and consulting

  Executive Director - Tri-Quest Charities                                                                         

  Facilitator - Small Business Fundamentals course for the Small Business Development Center at UW-Madison & for Business and Industries Services for Western Technical College.  

  Sustainability Auditor - Certified to use the audit process developed by Strategic Sustainability Consulting to measure an organization’s carbon footprint. 

ORIEL INCORPORATED:  Management consulting firm providing consulting for global Fortune 500 companies, specializing in the areas of Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, Leadership and Teams training.

   Account and Project Manager

SAGEBRUSH CORPORATION:  Technology and library services company for K-12th grade school market.

  International Sales Coordinator

Midwest Security Insurance Companies - Regional healthcare organization offering health care plans and services, now owned by United Healthcare

   Marketing Communications Coordinator, Human Resources & Finance Intern