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Profile for Leslie Rogers

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Leslie Rogers

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Associate Professor
Educational Studies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Special Education

Middle Level (Grades 6-8) Professional Development Schools

The Self-Regulated Strategy Development model (Math & Writing Instruction) for Middle-Level Learners

School-Home Communication & Parent-Teacher Relationships


Brief biography

Leslie Rogers has been a Professor in the Department of Educational Studies since 2013. Her expertise relates to high incidence disabilities, practice-based professional development, the SRSD model, and effective school-home communication practices. Dr. Rogers earned her PhD in Special Education from Vanderbilt in 2010, and has a current WI teaching license in Special Education, Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Pk-12. Her Pk-12 teaching experience was primarily at the middle and high school level (suburban areas in Wisconsin and Virginia). She also has experience working with diverse students at international locations; working as a Behavior Management Consultant for Pk-12 students and their families in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany and working as an Assistant Professor of Education in the Republic of Korea (Keimyung and Kyungsung Universities in Daegu and Busan).

At UWL, Dr. Rogers teaches a variety of courses to MC-EA majors, serves as DES Department Chair,  chairs/co-chairs several committees such as UW-L's Individuals with Disabilities Advisory Council, and serves as the faculty advisor for the student organizations, Collegiate Middle-Level Association (CMLA) and Eagles for Kids.  Dr. Rogers is also active in the community, serving as UW-L's liaison to a Professional Development School (PDS) - Logan Middle School.  

Current courses at UWL

Spring 2023:

EDS 446 (Field II at Logan MS)

SPE 420 (Advanced Literacy and Mathematics Practices for Students Experiencing Persistent Academic Challenges)


2010 Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Special Education

1998 M.Ed. University of Maryland, College Park
Special Education

1993 B.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison,
Special Education, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders


Teaching history

EDS 402

EDS 445

EDS 452

EDS 463

EDS 492

SPE 340/540

SPE 401/501

SPE 420

SPE 430

SPE 452/552

Professional history


International Baccalaureate Board of Governors Appointments

2011-2012 Busan International Foreign School (BIFS) Board
Busan, Republic of Korea Member

Teaching Appointments

2013-Present: Department of Educational Studies 
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse , Assistant Professor
La Crosse, Wisconsin

2011-2012 Department of Education Assistant
Kyungsung University Professor
Busan, Republic of Korea

2010-2011 Department of Education Assistant
Keimyung University Professor
Daegu, Republic of Korea

2003-2004 Fairfax County School District LD/ED
2001-2002 Mount Vernon High School Teacher
Alexandria, VA Grades: 9-12

1995-2000 Department of Defense Dependent Schools Consultant
Brussels District Superintendent Office Teacher
Belgium, Netherlands, Germany Grades PK-12

1994-1995 Onalaska School District SED
Onalaska Middle School Teacher
Onalaska, WI Grades 5-8

Research Experience

2014-2015 Applying SRSD to math instruction Principal
UWL and Westby Public Schools Investigator

2009-2010 Dissertation Principal
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University Investigator

Exceptional Children Editorial
Editor: Dr. Steve Graham Assistant

Project Write (SRSD) Assessor
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University

2006-2007 Single-Subject Design Meta-Analysis Principal
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University Investigator

2005-2006 Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) Research
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University Assistant

2002-2003 Educational Policy Reform Research Institute Research
University of Maryland, College Park Assistant

Research and publishing

Selected Publications

Rogers, L., & Hyson, D. (2022). Creating Brave & Productive Learning Environments for Young Adolescents: Parents' Perspectives of Teacher-Parent and Teacher-Student Relationships. Middle Grades Review, 18(1), 1-15. Accessed online at 

Rogers, L., & Graham, S. (2020). Effectiveness of volunteer-led strategy instruction on the story writing of third-grade students experiencing difficulties learning to write, Reading and Writing, 33, 761-782.

Bergeron, L., & Rogers, L. A. (2019). Investigating the perspective of Theory of Knowledge teachers in International Baccalaureate World Schools. Journal of Research in International Education, 18, 169-185.

Butler Modaff, J., Rogers, L., Modaff, D. (2019). Communicative challenges in the caregiver-teacher relationship regarding students with special needs. Communication and Theater Association of Minnesota Journal, 43, 6-28. Available at: 

Iwai, Y., Rogers, L., McKeown, D., & Brindle, M. (2019). Understanding teachers' knowledge and perceptions on writing through a self-regulated strategy development (SRSD) professional development opportunity. International Journal of Teacher Education and Professional Development, 2, 102-121.

Selected Conference Presentations

Rogers, L. A. (2021, November). Trust: Lessons Learned from a 5-Yr Discussion with Parents of Students with Exceptionalities. Presentation at the Association of Middle Level Education’s (AMLE) National Conference, Louisville, KY.

Rogers, L. A., & Burke, M., & Brueggen, R. (2021, November). Self-Regulated Writers: Self-Talk, Self-Monitoring, Goal Setting, and More. Presentation at the Association of Middle Level Education’s (AMLE) National Conference, Louisville, KY.

Rogers Iwai, Y., & Rogers, L. (2016, November). Using data to inform professional development programs: The results of a 1-day Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) training on current educators' perspectives on quality writing, quality writing instruction, and SRSD instruction. Presentation at the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers (ALER), Myrtle Beach, SC.

Rogers, L. A. (2018, November). Bridging the gap: General education teachers and parents of students with exceptionalities. Presentation at the International Conference for the Association for Middle-Level Education (AMLE), Orlando, FL.

Rogers. L. A. (2017, November). Key learnings from two middle level professional development schools. Presentation for the National Association for Professors of Middle Level Educators (NAPOMLE), Philadelphia, PA.

Rogers, L. A. (2016, July). Impact, Perceptions, and Implementation of the Theory of Knowledge. Presentation at IB Conference of the Americas, 2016, Toronto, Canada.

Rogers, L. A., (2015, October). A Promising Practice: SRSD for Tier 3 Math Instruction. Presentation at Wisconsin's Special Education Annual Conference, Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Rogers, L. A. (2014, April). Using School Volunteers to Improve the Writing Performance of 3rd-Grade Students: The Writing Academy. Poster presented at the International Conference for the Council of Exceptional Children, Boston, MA.

Rogers, L. A., Briggs, J., & Helene, S. (2016, April). Applying the SRSD Model to Mathematics Instruction. Presentation at the International Conference for CEC, St. Louis, MO.

Rogers, L. A., Chan, J., Thorpe, E., & Quartaroli, A. (2019, April). Towards a better understanding of parent-teacher IEP partnerships: Interview and survey findings. Poster presented at the International Conference for the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC), Indianapolis, IN.

Rogers, L. A., & Kosiak, J. (2015, May). Applying the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) Model to Math Instruction: Teaching Underachieving Fifth-grade Students to Solve Long Division Problems. Presentation at Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Conference, Green Lake, WI.

Rogers, L. A., & Nelson, A. (2018, April). "Year One" findings related to parent and teacher perceptions of successful communication approaches: National survey and interview results. Presentation at the International Conference of CEC, Tampa, FL.

Rogers, L. A., Nelson, A., & Block, D. (2017, November). Empowering young exceptional adolescents via improved school-home communication: I'm in! Presentation at the International Conference for AMLE, Philadelphia, PA.



Leslie Rogers, Educational Studies and Daniel Hyson, Psychology, co-authored the article "Creating Brave & Productive Learning Environments for Young Adolescents: Parents’ Perspectives of Teacher-Parent and Teacher-Student Relationships" in Middle Grades Review published on May 31 by University Libraries of the University of Vermont through the ScholarWorks @ UVM Institutional Repository. Dr. Rogers' and Dr. Hyson's interest in teacher relationships led them to complete a literature review. The result is an interesting article recently published in Middle Grades Review. Their investigation highlights the importance of connections, to include those between teachers, their students, and their students' caregivers. The next steps will be considering how to continue this work to help both preservice teachers and future school psychologists in their important work.

Submitted on: June 1, 2022



Jennifer Butler Modaff and Daniel Modaff, both Communication Studies; and Leslie Rogers, Educational Studies; co-authored the article "Communication challenges in the parent-teacher relationship regarding students with special needs. " in "Communication & Theater Association of Minnesota Journal" published on Aug. 26 by CTAM.

Submitted on: Oct. 1, 2019