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Specialty area(s)

Adapted sports and therapeutic recreation

Current courses at UWL

RTH250 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
RTH329 Diagnostic Groups in Therapeutic Recreation
RTH493 Trends and Issues in Therapeutic Recreation
RTH593 Trends and Issues in Therapeutic Recreation


Master of Science in Therapeutic Recreation from UW - La Crosse

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Loyola University Maryland

Teaching history

I began teaching in the Department of Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation in the fall of 2012.



Tara Delong, Namyun Kil, Lindsey Kirschbaum, Wayne Means, Nancy Richeson, Lisa Savarese and Jennifer Taylor, all Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation, received the award for Therapeutic Recreation Program of Excellence at the American Therapeutic Recreation Association Annual Conference on Sept. 15 in Reno, NV.

Submitted on: Sept. 16, 2019



Lisa Savarese, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation, authored the article "Book Review of 'Communication, sport, and disability: The case of power soccer'" in American Journal of Recreation Therapy published on Mar. 14, 2019 by Weston Medical Publishing, LLC.

Submitted on: Mar. 15, 2019