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Luke Thimmesch

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New Freshman Admissions Counselor

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Hometown: Wauwatosa, WI 

Interests: Watching college football/basketball, playing basketball, attending concerts/musical theater productions (ideally broadway), eating out   

Favorite activity in La Crosse: My goal is to find the best restaurant in town. With so many scrumptious options, it may take a while.

Favorite Restaurant in La Crosse: Howie's - specifically the Meat Salad (includes chicken, shredded pork and bacon!) 

Advice for new freshmen: If there is an event on campus that sounds even a little bit appealing to you, attend it. You will always have a reason to not go, but please go. You will likely grow to enjoy new ideas and experiences you never thought you would.


B.S., Psychology

Certificate in Business

University of Wisconsin-Madison