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Louise Zamparutti

Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Writing and rhetoric, professional writing, technical writing, grant writing, public memory, political discourse, visual rhetoric, new materialism, tactical technical communication

Brief biography

Dr. Zamparutti's research examines the interaction of public memory artifacts and identity construction in times and locations of collective trauma. She received a Fulbright Research Grant for the 2018-2019 academic year to research rival interpretations of World War II in Slovenia. In particular, she examined official and unofficial public discourse surrounding the construction of new monuments. Dr. Zamparutti has presented her research at interdisciplinary academic conferences throughout Europe and the United States and her work is published in international journals including Research in Social Change, Rhetoric Review, Romance Studies, and Human Remains and Violence. Her book chapter “The Foibe War Narrative: The New Anti-Heroes of the ‘Second Republic’” will appear in the forthcoming edited volume A Century of Italian War Narratives (Brill/Rodopi). Current projects include an analysis of risk communication in different forms of anti-transgender discourse, and a manuscript analyzing a new and controversial monument on the Italy-Slovenia border. Dr. Zamparutti is also a playwright. Her most recent work, Identità/Identiteta, was produced in Milwaukee, WI in 2014 and is part of the curriculum in drama courses at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dr. Zamparutti speaks fluent Italian and mediocre French, and she is studying Slovene. 

Current courses at UWL

ENG 307

ENG 308

ENG 314

ENG 335

ENG 497


PhD., UW-Milwaukee


Teaching history

Health Science Writing (UW Milwaukee)

Technical Writing (UW Milwaukee)

Business Writing (UW Milwaukee)

Professional history

Prior to earning her Ph.D. in English at UW-Milwaukee, Dr. Zamparutti was a dancer and choreographer, performing and showcasing original works in Seattle, New York, Italy, and Germany. She also worked as a Health and Wellness Director for the YMCA in Seattle and as a freelance editor, writing coach, and translator (Italian-English). While earning her Ph.D. she worked in the UWM Writing Center and taught professional and technical writing and health science writing. These diverse professional experiences inform her teaching and research.

Research and publishing

Zamparutti, L. Book Chapter, The Foibe War Narrative: The New Antiheroes of the Second Republic. A Century of Italian War Narratives. Brill/Rodopi (forthcoming).

Zamparutti, L. (2019) The Basovizza Monument: Constructing Memory and Identity. Research in Social Change.

Zamparutti, L. (2020). Book Chapter. Self-Isolation and Consubstantiality: COVID-19 Terminology and Collective Identity. Pandemic Literacy: A Rhetorical Toolkit for COVID-19. (forthcoming).

Zamparutti, L. (2018) Plato, Mary Baker Eddy, and Kenneth Burke: Can We Talk About Substance? Rhetoric Review, 37:2, 199-211. DOI: 10.1080/07350198.2018.1424479

Zamparutti, L. (2017) Brava Gente and the Counter (Re)public of Italy: Constructing the Foibe as a National Symbol. Romance Studies, 35:1, 12-30. DOI: 10.1080/02639904.2017.1299913

DeVasto, D., Graham, S.S., and Zamparutti, L. (2016). Stasis and Matters of Concern: The Conviction of the L’Aquila Seven. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 30:2, 131- 164. DOI: 10.1177/1050651915620364

Zamparutti, L. (2015). Foibe Literature: Documentation or Victimhood Narrative? Human Remains and Violence, 1:1, 75–91. DOI: