Melissa Bingham

Associate Professor
Mathematics And Statistics
Office hours
1032 Cowley Hall

Specialty area(s)

Statistics for Directional Data; Statistics for Three-Dimensional Rotation Data

Current courses at UWL

STAT 145: Elementary Statistics (S18)

STAT 447: Nonparametric Statistics (S18)

Teaching history

STAT 145: Elementary Statistics (F09-S18)

STAT 245: Probability and Statistics (F09, S12, S17, F17)

STAT 405/505: Statistical Methods (F10, F11)

STAT 440: Statistical Consulting (F12-S14)

STAT 441: Mathematical Statistics I (F14)

STAT 442: Mathematical Statistics II (S11, S15)

STAT 443: Categorical Data Analysis (F16)

STAT 445: Correlation and Regression Analysis (F15)

STAT 446: Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments (S16)


Professional history

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, July 2013 - present.
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, August 2009 - June 2013.
Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, Iowa State University, August 2004 - May 2009.
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of North Dakota, January 2003 - August 2004.

Research and publishing

My research area involves developing new statistical techniques for analyzing data in the form of three-dimensional rotations. I typically work on a project with one undergraduate student each year.  Publications include:

  • Bingham, M. A., Scray, M. L. (2017) "A Permutation Test for Comparing Rotational Symmetry in Three-Dimensional Rotation Data Sets," Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications, 4:19, 1-8 .
  • Eckrote, M. D., Bingham, M. A. (2017) "A Permutation Test for the Spread of Three-Dimensional Rotation Data," Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 29, 553-560.
  • Will, L. K., Bingham, M. (2016) "Bootstrap Techniques for Measures of Center for Three-Dimensional Rotation Data," Involve, 9, 583-590.
  • Bingham, M. (2015) "Quantifying Spread in Three-Dimensional Rotation Data: Comparison of Nonparametric and Parametric techniques," Journal of Statistical Distributions and Applications, 2:9, 1-8.
  • Bero, D., Bingham, M. (2015) "A Permutation Test for Three-Dimensional Rotation Data," Involve, 8, 735-744.
  • Bingham, M., Fischer, Z. (2014) "A Median Estimator for 3-Dimensional Rotation Data," Involve, 7, 713-722.
  • Bingham, M. A., Nordman, D. J., and Vardeman, S. B. (2012) "Bayes Inference for a New Class of Non-symmetric Distributions for 3-Dimensional Rotations," Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 17, 527-543.
  • Bingham, M. A., Lograsso, B. K., and Laabs, F. C. (2010) "A Bayes Statistical Analysis of the Variation in Crystal Orientations Obtained through Electron Backscatter Diffraction," Ultramicroscopy, 110, 1312-1319.
  • Bingham, M. A., Nordman, D. J., and Vardeman, S. B. (2010) "Finite-Sample Investigation of Likelihood and Bayes Inference for the Symmetric von Mises-Fisher Distribution," Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 54, 1317-1327.
  • Bingham, M. A., Nordman, D. J., and Vardeman, S. B. (2009) "Modeling and Inference for Measured Crystal Orientations and a Tractable Class of Symmetric Distributions for Rotations in 3 Dimensions," Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104, 1385-1397.
  • Bingham, M. A., Vardeman, S. B., and Nordman, D. J. (2009) "Bayes One-Sample and One-Way Random Effects Analyses for 3-D Orientations with Application to Materials Science," Bayesian Analysis, 4, 607-630.
  • Nordman, D. J., Vardeman, S. B., and Bingham, M. A. (2009) "Uniformly Hyper-Efficient Bayes Inference in a Class of Non-Regular Problems," The American Statistician, 63, 234-238.



Ph.D. Statistics, Iowa State University, May 2009.
M.S. Mathematics, University of North Dakota, August 2004.
B.S. Mathematics, University of North Dakota, December 2002.