Misha Bolstad

Associate Lecturer
111 Center For The Arts

Specialty area(s)

Design/Graphic Design

Brief biography

Misha graduated from the University of WI-La Crosse with her BS
in Art and an emphasis in Printmaking . She went on to receive her MFA at
Maine College of Art in studio art, printmaking and critical theory.
Over the years, Misha has evolved from printmaking to sculpture/installation
to graphic design and now fuses together these techniques to create her work.
Through this process, Misha explores endless possibilities the basic
elements of design possess, to create overly ornate and dynamic work.

Inspired by the psychedelic shift of design in the 1960s & 1970s, modern
art movements, and mod culture of 1960s London, Misha attempts to create
a glimpse of what could be ‘sublime’. She seeks to excite the viewer through
color, line, shape and texture and essentially loom unknown quotients.

Current courses at UWL

Art 162 - Design Foundations
Art 206 - Digital Media: Graphic Design for Non-majors
Art 207 - Introduction to Computer Graphic Design
Art 308 - Intermediate Graphic Design
Art 408 - Advanced Graphic Design


MFA Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
BS University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse, WI