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Matthew Leisso

Police Dispatcher
University Police Services
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Law Enforcement, and public safety

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Lived in Wisconsin my entire life. I have worked on myself over the years to advance as a person. In doing so, I have embarked on my chosen career path in Law Enforcement. I put myself through the Academy, and continue in the field I love. I am a stark advocate for Law Enforcement, and I am very family oriented. 


I began my advanced education by getting a Degree from UW Richland Center, and transferring to UWL. Due to life events, I had to put my education on hold for a number of years. I then went back and attended Southwest Wisconsin Technical College, where I put myself through the police academy, and graduated with a Degree in Criminal Justice. I proceeded to come back to UWL and finish out my Bachelors Degree, and plan on continuing on to a Masters in the future.


Professional history

I have worked in Law Enforcement since February of 2013. I have been present in every area of Law Enforcement aside from working as a Jailer, and being a K9 Officer. I currently work on my newest facet of Law Enforcement as a dispatcher.