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Michael Tollefson

Associate Professor
Communication Studies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Persuasion, Argumentation, Undergraduate Research

Current courses at UWL

Advocacy and Persuasion(CST 412)
Senior Project in Communication Studies (CST 499)


M.A. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Ph.D. University of Minnesota


Teaching history

Communicating Effectively (formerly Public Oral Communication and Essentials
of Speech Communication) (110)

Presentational Speaking (210)
Introduction to Communication Studies (190)
Participation in Communication Studies Activities (291)
Theory and Research in Communication Studies (300)
Research Methods in Communication Studies (302)
Debate (310)
Communication Criticism (315)

Conflict and Negotiation (321)
Practical Applications in Communication Studies (391)
Independent Study in Communication Studies (399)
Argumentation (410)
Advocacy and Persuasion (formerly Persuasion) (412)
Advocacy and Persuasive Campaigns (413)
History of Rhetoric (414)
Advanced Topics in Advocacy and Communication Criticism (415)
Internship in Communication Studies (450)
Conflict Management and Negotiation (Special Topics) (491)
War Rhetoric (Special Topics) (491)
Senior Project in Communication Studies (499)