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Specialty area(s)

Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty

Behavioral and Experimental Finance

Current courses at UWL

FIN 361: Life Insurance 

FIN 390: Money and Capital Markets


Ph.D. Economics, Georgia State University

B.S. Psychology, University of Georgia

B.B.A. Management, University of Georgia

Research and publishing

Estimating Uncertainty Aversion Using the Source Method in Stylized Tasks with Varying Degrees of Uncertainty (sole author), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2020 (84), 101477.

Behavior when the Chips are Down: An Experimental Study of Wealth Effects and Exchange Media (with Adam Stivers, Richard Deaves, and Adam Hoffer), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2020 (27), 100323.

Do Economic Forecasters Believe the Stock Market is Efficient? Evidence from Germany (with Richard Deaves, Michael Schröder, and Adam Stivers), Applied Finance Letters, 2021 (10), 40-47.