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Naoko Aminaka

Specialty area(s)

Athletic training, Patellofemoral pain, Applied biomechanics, Running injury prevention

Brief biography

I was born and raised in Japan, and came to the US as a high school exchange student to eventually pursue my dream of becoming an athletic trainer. That dream came true when I graduated with the Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Central Michigan University. After working a few years in California and Ohio, I wanted to further my education so that I can eventually teach at the university level. I got my Master's degree in Athletic Training and Ph.D. in Kinesiology from University of Toledo. I was a visiting assistant professor at University of Toledo for two years prior to starting my current position at UW-L in 2012.

Current courses at UWL

I teach ESS 181 (Introduction to Athletic Training), ESS 281 (Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries), ESS 378 (Lower Extremity Evaluation), ESS 483 (Administration in Athletic Training), ESS 485 (Research and Reading in Athletic Training), and ESS 750 (Analysis of Movement).

Teaching history

I taught various courses in Kinesiology Department as a doctoral student and visiting assistant professor at University of Toledo.

Research and publishing

My primary research interest is biomechanical analysis of people with patellofemoral pain syndrome and other running-related injuries. I am also interested in clinically-oriented research, such as the efficacy of Kinesiology Taping on recovery and performance.