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Nizam Arain

Specialty area(s)

Title IX Coordinator
Equity, diversity & inclusion
Affirmative action
Civil rights
Legal issues.

Brief biography

Nizam Arain serves as the Director of Equity and Affirmative Action at UW–La Crosse, and as a member of the university's leadership team. He received his J.D. degree from the University of Michigan and his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Illinois. His prior roles at UWL include Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance, Risk Manager, Contract Administrator, and Records Officer. Prior to working at UWL, he was a practicing attorney in his home town of Chicago.

In addition to teaching a graduate-level courses on higher education law and related topics for the Department of Student Affairs Administration, Nizam has taught courses in U.S. Government and Constitutional Law for UWL's Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and has given numerous guest lectures on issues of diversity, civil rights, civil liberties, and the legal system.

Nizam is privileged to serve a volunteer advisor for Awareness Through Performance, UWL's award-winning student performance troupe.

Nizam uses he/his/him pronouns.

Current courses at UWL

SAA 730: Legal Issues in Higher Education


Juris Doctorate, University of Michigan, 1999
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Illinois, 1996

Teaching history

POL 101: American National Government
POL 371: Constitutional Law - The First Amendment
SAA 701: Student Affairs and Technology
SAA 720: Gender Equity in Higher Education
SAA 790: Capstone in Student Affairs