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Nicole Gullekson

Specialty area(s)

Global Leadership Development, Organizational Behavior, International Management, Women in Management

Brief biography

Dr. Gullekson is an Associate Professor of Management and the Director of the International Business major. She loves engaging with students and helping their progress toward their career aspirations. Outside of work she loves spending time with her two small kids and husband, especially in the outdoor beauty of La Crosse.

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Current courses at UWL

MGT 360 - Global Perspectives on Business


Ph.D.: Ohio University, 2010.

MS: Ohio University, 2007.

B.S.: University of Portland, 2004.

Teaching history

Dr. Gullekson received the Provost's Teaching Excellence Award (2015) and the Burt and Norma Altman award for Leadership in the advancement of international education (2015).

At UW-La Crosse, Dr. Gullekson has taught the following courses:

MGT 308: Behavior and Theory in Organizations
MGT 360: Global Perspectives on Business
MGT 400: Seminar: Global Research and Consulting Program in Slovakia
MGT 400: Seminar: Business Consulting and Professionalism
MGT 484: International Human Resource Management
MGT 487: Male/Female Relationships in Organizations
BUS 731: Decision Framing II
BUS 760: Training and Development
BUS 790: MBA Assessment
BUS 760: Training and Development

She also acts as a faculty advisor for internships (MGT/IB 450) and independent study (MGT/IB 499). Prior to coming to UW-La Crosse, Dr. Gullekson was a Career Advisor and Instructor for the Psychology Department at Ohio University. She taught classes in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Research Methods, Professional Business Communication, Psychology of Environmental Problems, and Introductory Psychology.

Professional history

Dr. Gullekson has professional experience working as a research analyst for Allstate Insurance, as well a consultant as for companies in government, automotive, rehabilitation industries and for other small companies, non-profits, and individual persons.

Research and publishing

Dr. Gullekson's primary research areas focus on the role of emotion in cross-cultural and intercultural experiences, as well as on global leadership development. Secondary areas of interest explore employee turnover, women in management, and work motivation.

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Research in Progress:
Vancouver, J. B., Bliese, P., & Gullekson, N. L. (in preparation). Lagged random coefficient modeling as a method for causal analysis: Monte Carlo analyses of possible benefits and artifacts.

Gullekson, N. L. & Morris, S. (in preparation). Helping women succeed: Examining the effects of an organizational intervention on employee engagement.

Gullekson, N., Tucker, M, & Koch. R. (in preparation). Developing global leadership through international virtual teams.