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Nathan Warnberg

Associate Professor
Mathematics & Statistics
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Anti-Ramsey Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics

Brief biography

I grew up in Wisconsin (Barron, WI), am a graduate of the UW system (UW-Platteville), and after a graduate career at Iowa State University I am glad to be back in my home state.

My current mathematics research interests are the interplay between graph theory and matrix theory, a.k.a. combinatorial matrix theory.  I also really enjoy avoiding rainbows in the research area of Anti-Ramsey Theory.

I am interested in learning theory and applying the theory to my classrooms. This leads to my passion about helping my students become independent learners. So, if you are in one of my classrooms do not be surprised if you end up participating in some different activities!

Current courses at UWL

Math 150 (College Algebra)
Math 207 (Calculus I)


Ph.D. Mathematics (Physics minor), Iowa State University, 2014.

B.S. Mathematics (Economics minor), University of Wisconsin-Platteville, 2008.


Teaching history

MTH 150 (College Algebra), MTH 151 (Precalculus), MTH 175 (Business Calculus), MTH 207 (Calculus I), MTH 208 (Calculus II), MTH 309 (Linear Algebra), MTH 310 (Calculus III), MTH 317 (Graph Theory), Math 395 (Special Topics), MTH 495 (Special Topics), MTH 498 (Independent Study), MTH 499 (Undergraduate Research)

Professional history

Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, August 2021 - Present.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, August 2014 - August 2021.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University, June 2009 - May 2014.

Lead Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University, May 2012 - May 2013.

Research and publishing


Papers Under Review



Joe Miller, Mathematics and Nathan Warnberg, Mathematics & Statistics, co-authored the article "Anti-van der Waerden Number of Graph Products of Cycles" in Australasian Journal of Combinatorics published on Aug. 22 by Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia and The University of Queensland.

Submitted on: Aug. 30



Kean Fallon, Ethan Manhart, Joe Miller and Hunter Rehm, all Mathematics; Laura Zinnel, Mathematics and Psychology; and Nathan Warnberg, Mathematics & Statistics; co-authored the article "Rainbow Numbers of [m] x [n] for x_1 + x_2 = x_3" in INTEGERS, Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory published June 30 by Colgate University, Charles University and DIMATIA.

Submitted on: July 10



Nathan Warnberg, Mathematics & Statistics, co-authored the article "Anti-van der Waerden Numbers on Graphs" in Graphs and Combinatorics published on Monday, July 25 by Springer Nature. The paper extends the idea of finding rainbow structures in the positive integers and the integers modulo n to finding rainbow structures in graphs.

Submitted on: July 25, 2022



Nathan Warnberg, Mathematics & Statistics, co-authored the article "On leaky forcing and resilience" in Discrete Applied Mathematics and was accepted for publication by Elsevier. Leaky forcing helps determine the robustness of an information network by assuming that some nodes in the network do not pass along the information.

Submitted on: Nov. 4, 2021



Eugenia Turov, Chemistry & Biochemistry; and Tushar Das, Whitney George and Nathan Warnberg, all Mathematics & Statistics; designed an anti-racist education workshop for "the purpose of building a Community of Anti-Racist Educators". In addition, Whitney George and Eugenia Turov co-faciliated the weeklong workshop. The workshop was a resounding success as noted by one participant leaving with 'profound insights about their personal struggles with internalized white-supremacy and how it shows up in their classrooms.'

Submitted on: Aug. 30, 2021