Richard Breaux

Associate Professor
Ethnic And Racial Studies
Office hours

Specialty area(s)

African American History, African American Studies, Black Students at PWIs, African American Film and Music; Race and Mental Health in Media, Syrian/Lebanese American History to 1965

Current courses at UWL

Introduction to Ethnic and Racial Studies, Introduction to ERS in the Media, 20th Century Civil Rights Movement; History of Black Music, Racial Conflict in the Urban US, Introduction to African American Studies

Research and publishing

“ 'Thriving Syrian Community…Equal Partners in Democracy and Liberty' in La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1894-1954" - developing into a book project

Cultural Retention and Assimilation through the Recorded Sounds of the Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Church in United States, 1915-1975 - in progress.

“‘Daughter[s] of the Race in Competition with the Best Stock in the Land:’ African American Women Athletes at PWIs in the Jim Crow Era, 1900-1940,” – in progress.

“Tireless Partners and Skilled Competitors: Seeing UI’s Black Male Athletes, 1934-1960,” Hill, M., Hill, L. (eds.) Invisible Hawkeyes: Iowa, Integration & the Long Civil Rights Movement. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa Press, 2016, pp. 141-168.

"Bessie, Queer Black Cinema, in the 20th and 21st Centuries and Mining the Harlem Renaissance", The Apollonian 2,2 (2015): 29-48.

"On, Behind, and Ahead of the Curve: The African American Presence at UD and in Iowa" in Ahead of the Curve: The First Century of African American Experiences at the University of Dubuque (pp. 9). Dubuque, Iowa, 2015.

“Fairytales, None of them Came True: Analyzing selected Black Animated Fairytales from Coal Black to Happily Ever After, 1943-2000” in Fairytale Adaptations from Black Cultural Perspectives, eds. Laretta Henderson, Ruth McKoy Lowery, (Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2013): 173-185.

“Nooses, Sheets, and Blackface: White Racial Anxiety and Black Student Presence as Power in the Midwest Flagship University, 1882-1936,” Perspectives in the History of Higher Education, 29, (September 2012), 23-43.

“The New Negro Arts & Letters Movement in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska,” in Cary D.
Wintz and Bruce R. Glasrud, The Harlem Renaissance in the West (Routledge, 2012): 121-139.

“After 75 years of Magic…Disney Seeks to Silence Critics, Rewrite African American History and Cash in on its Racist Past,” Journal of African American Studies 14,4 (December 2010): 398-416.

“I’m a Cartoon! The Jackson 5ive Cartoon as Commodified Civil Rights and Black Power Ideologies,” Journal of Pan-African Studies 3, 7 (March 2010): 79-99.

“To the Uplift and Protection of Young Womanhood”: African American Women at Iowa Private Colleges and the University of Iowa, 1878-1928,” History of Education Quarterly 50, 2 (May 2010): 159-181.

“Using the Press to Fight Jim Crow at Two White Midwestern Universities, 1900-1940,” in Eileen H. Tamura, ed. The History of Discrimination in U.S. Education: Marginality, Agency, and Power (Palgrave-MacMillan, 2008), 141-164.

"We Were All Mixed Together: Race, Schooling, and the Legacy of Black Teachers in Buxton, 1900-1920," Annals of Iowa 65, 4 (Fall 2006): 301-328.

"The New Negro Arts and Letters Movement Among Black University Students in the Midwest, 1914-1940,"Great Plains Quarterly (Summer 2004): 147-162.

“‘Maintaining a Home for Girls’: The Iowa Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs at the University of Iowa, 1919-1950,” Journal of African American History 87 (Spring 2002): 236-255.


PhD - University of Iowa
MA - University of Iowa
AB - Dartmouth College