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I am an Environmental Historian with a particular interest in the history of the Driftless Area, the La Crosse River Marsh, and the Mississippi River. I am known around the area as "The Marsh Guy." I take my students on several field trips to the marsh and have developed a presentation called "A Pictorial History of the La Crosse River Marsh," which I give at UW-L every semester. I am also a former DNR naturalist and worked at Rock Island State Park in Wisconsin's famed Door County.

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I have an undergraduate degree from UW-Stevens Point, with a psychology major and a biology minor. I then traveled extensively abroad and spent two years living in a yoga ashram in India. I  moved to La Crosse in 1978 and received a Masters Degree in Education at UW-L in 1983. Following that, I taught history and earth science in the La Crosse Public Schools for 30 years. I have been teaching Environmental Studies at UW-L since 2013.

Current courses at UWL

ENV 201  "Introduction to Environmental Studies"