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Robin Miller

Specialty area(s)

Adult physical dysfunction

Older adults


International practice

Health and wellness


Brief biography

Robin Miller has been practicing in occupational therapy since 1985. Her clinical work took her around the country, practicing in 10 different states in the practice area of physical dysfunction and injury prevention. Dr. Miller has taught at UW-L since 1999, teaching numerous courses in her specialty areas. Dr. Miller also developed international relationships with two occupational therapy programs in the United Kingdom. Students in the OT program have the opportunity to host UK OT students as well as travel to the UK as part of a course. Dr. Miller recently completed her post professional  occupational therapy doctorate with a emphasis in health and wellness for individuals with chronic health conditions. Current research interests include interprofessional education as it relates to health and wellness for individuals experience long term health conditions. In her spare time, Dr. Miller enjoys traveling, camping, yoga and spending time with her family.