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Robert Ragan

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Specialty area(s)

low temperature quantum physics, computational biomechanics



Robert Ragan, Physics, co-authored the article "Progressive Quantum Collapse" in the American Journal of Physics and was accepted for publication by the American Institute of Physics.

Submitted on: Feb. 17, 2022



Tia Collins, Becky Heinert and Carly Tehan, all Physical Therapy; Thomas Kernozek, Health Professions - PT, Health Professions; and Robert Ragan, Physics, Physics; co-authored the article "Effect of Hamstring-to-quadriceps Ratio on Knee Forces in Females During Landing" in International Journal of Sports Medicine published on Oct. 6 by Thieme. Becky Heinert is a research collaborator/UWL Physical Therapy alum (BS, MS) with Gundersen Health System in Sports Medicine. Robert Ragan is a collaborator from the UWL Physics Department. Tia Collins and Carly Tehan are graduates of the clinical doctoral program in Physical Therapy.

Submitted on: Oct. 12, 2020



Naghmeh Gheidi, Exercise & Sport Science; Thomas Kernozek, Health Professions; and Robert Ragan, Physics; co-authored the article "Comparison of estimates of Achilles tendon loading from inverse dynamics and inverse dynamics-based static optimisation during running" in "Journal of Sport Sciences" published on July 14, 2017 by Taylor and Francis.

Submitted on: July 17, 2017



Thomas Kernozek, CL-46; Robert Ragan, CL-49; and Michael Lyght and Matthew Nockerts, both Physical Therapy; co-authored the article "Effects of Foot Strike and Step Frequency on Achilles Tendon Stress During Running" in "Journal of Applied Biomechanics" published on Aug. 31, 2016 by Human Kinetics.

Submitted on: Sept. 26, 2016



Jordan Hove and Thomas Kernozek, both Health Professions; Robert Ragan, Physics; Bryan Sorenson, DPT graduate; and John Willson, East Carolina Univ; co-authored the article "Two-and Three-Dimensional Relationships Between Knee and Hip Kinematic Motion Analysis: Single-Leg Drop-Jump Landings" in Journal of Sport Rehabilitation published on Dec. 1, 2015.

Submitted on: Dec. 4, 2015