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Song Chen

Specialty area(s)

Numerical solution of partial differential equations

Application of Data Science in marketing

Brief biography

I completed my Ph. D in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Auburn University, AL, under the advice of Prof. Yanzhao Cao and Prof. A. J. Meir. Before that, I received the B.S. degree of computational math in Peking University, Beijing, China.

I am now serving as an assistant professor at the Mathematics Department of University of Wisconsin at La Crosse.

Current courses at UWL

MTH 150 College Algebra

MTH 371  Introduction to Numerical Methods



Ph. D in applied mathematics, Auburn University, AL, 2013

B. S. Peking University, Beijing China, 2007

Professional history

Academic advisor of Kwantum Analytics

Advisor of the UWL data science (For details, check my webpage)Advisor of the UWL modeling club


Research and publishing


S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. Practicing Analytics: A Hands-On Introduction for Marketing Executives (with R examples). Cognella Academic Publishing, coming in Fall 2018



[1] S. Chen, and M. Vriens. Mapping and visualizing brands: Comparing survey and online consumer generated data. (in preparation)

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[3] Y. Cao and S. Chen. Well posedness and the numerical solution of a time dependent general bioconvective flow. (submitted)

[4] A. Martins-Alves, S. Chen, and M. Vriens. Brand segmentation using implicit brand measures. (Accepted by Applied Marketing Analytics)

[5] S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. Assessing the Impact of a Brand Crisis using Big Data: The case of the VW Diesel Emission Crisis. 2017 DMA Analytics Journal, Section 2: Strategic Practitioners, 2017

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[7] S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. On Finding the Best Segmentation Solution: The superior performance of latent class and latent class ensemble methods in re- covering the true number and nature of segments. Sawtooth Software Conference 2016

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