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Song Chen

Specialty area(s)

Data science and its application in marketing

  • Application of deep learning
  • Clustering analysis
  • Text Analytics
  • Switchable consumer
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Network analysis and MDS (Multi-dimensional Scaling)
  • Forecasting and time series 
  • Optimization and scheduling

Numerical analysis:

  • Numerical solution of partial differential equations
  • Porous medium
  • Fluid dynamics (Navier Stokes Equation)

Current courses at UWL

MTH 207 Calculus 1

MTH 310 Calculus 3



Ph. D in applied mathematics, Auburn University, AL, 2013, Advisor: Yanzhao Cao, A. J. Meir

B. S. Peking University, Beijing China, 2007

Professional history



Research and publishing


S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. Practicing Analytics: A Hands-On Introduction for Marketing Executives (with R examples). Cognella Academic Publishing, coming in Fall 2018



[1] S. Chen, and M. Vriens. Mapping and visualizing brands: Comparing survey and online consumer generated data. (in preparation)

[2] S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. The Relationship Between Brand Density and Market Shares. (submitted)

[3] Y. Cao and S. Chen. Well posedness and the numerical solution of a time dependent general bioconvective flow. (submitted)

[4] A. Martins-Alves, S. Chen, and M. Vriens. Brand segmentation using implicit brand measures. (Accepted by Applied Marketing Analytics)

[5] S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. Assessing the Impact of a Brand Crisis using Big Data: The case of the VW Diesel Emission Crisis. 2017 DMA Analytics Journal, Section 2: Strategic Practitioners, 2017

[6] S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. Comparing clustering methods for market segmentation: A simulation study. Applied Marketing Analytics, Volume 2, Number 3, 225-238, 2016

[7] S. Chen, C. Vidden and M. Vriens. On Finding the Best Segmentation Solution: The superior performance of latent class and latent class ensemble methods in re- covering the true number and nature of segments. Sawtooth Software Conference 2016

[8] Y. Cao, S. Chen and L. Rebholz. Well-posedness and a numerical study of a regularization model with adaptive nonlinear filtering for incompressible flow simulation. Computers and Mathematics with Applications, V71, issue 11, 2192-2205, 2016

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