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Numerical solution of partial differential equations: finite element methods, porous media, bio-convection.

Interdisciplinary research: data science/machine learning with applications in marketing, medical research, psychology, and transportation.

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Ph. D in applied mathematics, Auburn University, AL, 2013, Advisor: Yanzhao Cao, A. J. Meir

B. S. Peking University, Beijing China, 2007

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Song Chen, Mathematics & Statistics, co-authored the article "Well-posedness and the Numerical Solution of a Time Dependent General Bio-convective Flow" in Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations and was accepted for publication by Wiley Periodicals, Inc..

Submitted on: May 5


Song Chen, Mathematics & Statistics, co-authored the article "Where Do You Live and What Do Your Drive: Built-Environmental and Spatial Effects on Vehicle Type Choice and Vehicle Use" in International Journal of Sustainable Transportation published on Tuesday, April 28 by Taylor and Francis.

Submitted on: April 28


Mao Zheng, Computer Science; Song Chen, Mathematics & Statistics; and Yuanqing Suo, Software Engineering; presented "Developing an Autonomous Driving Model Based on Raspberry Pi." at Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium (MICS 2020) on April 3 in Milwaukee (remotely). This paper presents a software system for autonomous mobile navigation based on the well-known Rasberry Pi. Her presentation is available on the MICS 2020 Youtube channel

Submitted on: April 22


Song Chen, Mathematics & Statistics, presented "Marine Life Detection from Aerial Photographs" at Sustainable Research Pathways on Dec. 3, 2019 in Berkeley, CA. Chen presented his undergraduate research work with students Lucas Spellman and Simon Wagner on using machine learning algorithms to identify marine lives on high-resolution aerial pictures to the research staff at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Submitted on: Jan. 23