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Scott Doberstein

Teaching Professor
Exercise & Sport Science
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Specialty area(s)

Athletic Training, Anatomy & Physiology, Clinical Pathology

Brief biography

Scott is a certified athletic trainer and received his bachelor’s degree in athletic training and school health education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  He received his M.S. in exercise science from Eastern Illinois University. His areas of specialty include athletic injury assessment, injury treatment, and anatomy and physiology. He is a Teaching Professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science and teaches a variety of courses.  Since 2014, Scott has received 3 teaching awards both at the state level and on campus.  Scott is married to Caryl and they have 3 adult children, all studying or employed in various medical fields.


BS - UWL, 1987
MS - Eastern Illinois University, 1989


Teaching history

ESS 205 - Anatomy & Physiology I

ESS 383 - Clinical Pathology

ATS 712/714  Diagnosis & Therapeutic Interventions

ATS 702 - Functional Anatomy and Medical Physiology


Research and publishing

Scott has published many manuscripts related to athletic training.  He has also presented many topics at both regional and national meetings.