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Current courses at UWL

SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology

SOC321 Delinquency

SOC322 Criminology

SOC429 Sociology of Deviance


University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Teaching history

University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

Gateway Technical College, Kenosha, WI

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, La Crosse, WI


Research and publishing

Schwadel, Philip, Jacob E. Cheadle, Sarah E. Malone, and Michael Stout. 2016. “Social Networks and Civic Participation and   Efficacy in Two Evangelical Protestant Churches.” Review of Religious Research 58(2):305-317.

Goosby, Bridget J., Sarah Malone, Elisabeth Richardson, Jacob E. Cheadle, and Deadric T. Williams. 2015. “Perceived Discrimination and Markers of Cardiovascular Risk Among Low-Income African American Youth.” American Journal of Human Biology 27(4):546-552.

Kort-Butler, Lisa A., and Sarah E. Malone. 2014. “Citizen Volunteers in Prison: Bringing the Outside In, Taking the Inside Out.” Journal of Crime and Justice 38(4):508-521.