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Specialty area(s)

Qualitative Research in Health, Child and Adolescent Health, Eating Behavior, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Current courses at UWL

HED207: Youth Health Issues

HED210: Foundations of Health Education

HED345: Issues in Mental and Emotional Health

SHE415: School Health Leadership


PhD, Health Education & Promotion: The University of Alabama [2017]

MT, Elementary Education: The University of Virginia (Curry School of Education) [2007]

BA, English: The University of Virginia [2006]

Professional history

My career began as an elementary educator, teaching 5th and 1st grades as a general classroom teacher, and grades K-5 as an interventionist. I have also spent time working as private tutor, 'Foodie' in a high-end grocery store, teaching public cooking classes, writing a food-related blog, and developing a small, mail-order peanut butter company.

I believe careers are built from experiences (and reassure students that you don't have to have it all figured out right now....or ever): all of MY experiences have led me here.

Research and publishing

Selected publications:

  • Pember, S.E. (2019) A Reflection on Valuing Teacher Training and Pedagogy as Scholarship in Higher Education. Pedagogy in Health Promotion.
  • Pember, S.E., Usdan, S., Guyotte, K., Birch, D., Knowlden, A., Nickelson, J. (2019) “It’s (Just) Grad School”: Effects of Normative Influence on the Healthy Eating Behavior & Intentions of Graduate Students. The Health Educator.
  • Pember, S.E., Zhang, M., Baker, K., Bissell, K. (2018) An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Uses and Gratifications Theory to food-related photo-sharing on social media. Californian Journal of Health Promotion. 68 (1): 91-98.
  • Pember, S.E. (2018) The CDC Foundation’s Health and Well-Being for All Meeting-in-a-Box. Health Promotion Practice. 19(1):8-10. doi: 10.1177/1524839917732560
  • Hackman, C.L., Pember, S.E., Burton, W., Hutcheson, A., & Usdan, S. (2017)Slut-shaming and victim-blaming: a qualitative investigation of undergraduate students’ perceptions of sexual violence. Sex Education, 17:6, 697-711,DOI: 1080/14681811.2017.1362332
  • Pember, S.E. & Knowlden, A. (2017) Dietary Change Interventions for Undergraduate Nutrition Education: Review and Recommendations. American Journal of Health Education. 48(1):48-57.
  • Hackman, C.L & Pember, S.E. (2016) Qualitative investigation of health information seeking behavior utilizing social media in a college population. American Journal of Health Studies. 31(1):11-22.