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Profile for Sherwin Toribio

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Sherwin Toribio

Associate Professor
Mathematics & Statistics
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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Sherwin Toribio

Associate Professor

Mathematics & Statistics

Specialty area(s)

Mathematical Statistics

Computational Statistics

Bayesian Statistics


Brief biography

I am originally from the Philippines. I got my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with a minor in Operations Research from Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) in 1994. I finished my Master's degree in Biostatistics from Hasselt University (Belgium) in 1996, and another Master's degree in Mathematical Statistics from Bowling Green State University (BGSU, Ohio) in 2002. I also got my PhD in Statistics from BGSU in 2006. In the Fall of 2006, I joined the department of Mathematics and Statistics of UWL.

Current courses at UWL

STAT 145 - Elementary Statistics

STAT 405/505 - Statistical Methods


Teaching history

STAT 145 - Elementary Statistics

MTH 207 - Calculus I

MTH 208 - Calculus II

STAT 245 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics

STAT 405/505 - Statistical Methods 

STAT 440 - Statistical Consulting

STAT 441/541 - Mathematical Statistics I

STAT 442/542 - Mathematical Statistics II

STAT 445/545 - Correlation and Regression Analysis

STAT 446/546 - Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments

STAT 762 - Bayesian Analysis

STAT 763 - Survey of Modern Statistical Software

STAT 766 - Biostatistics