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Thomas Greiner

Specialty area(s)

Human Anatomy, Comparative Evolutionary Biomechanics, Human Evolution, Kinematics, Biological Anthropology

Brief biography

My primary employment has been as a human anatomy instructor in allied health care programs. I have served in this capacity for over twenty years. In that time, I have taught human gross anatomy over 50 times and have participated in the dissection of over 700 human cadavers.

Prior to this experience I worked as anthropologist for the US Army, where my main task was to conduct statistical analyses of anthropometric data as part of clothing and equipment design.

I have also spent time supporting myself through archaeological and paleontological fieldwork.


1994 Ph.D. Biological Anthropology. Binghamton University
1988 MA. Biological Anthropology. Binghamton University
1983 AB. Anthropology. University of Chicago

Professional history

Professional Memberships:
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
American Association of Anatomists
International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Community
International Society of Biomechanics
Paleoanthropology Society
Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Honor Society
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Research and publishing

My central research question deals the key event in human evolutionary history – the development of human bipedal locomotion.

To address this question I have focused on developing a refined and improved understanding of human and non-human primate locomotor anatomy. In recent years this effort has centered on kinematic investigations of the intrinsic foot joints. In order to facilitate that investigation, it has been necessary to develop refined methods of analyzing , summarizing and interpreting kinematic data.

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