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Financial Aid counselor, student employment



Award recipients at UWL 52nd International Banquet on Mar. 23 in La Crosse, WI were:
  • Vernell Glenn, Financial Aid — Burt & Norma Altman Award in University Service
  • John Porcari, Exercise, Sport Science — Burt & Norma Altman Award in Leadership
  • Alessandro Quartiroli, Psychology — Burt & Norma Altman Award in Community Service
The Burt & Norma Altman Awards were established in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of international education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. In the category of Leadership, our awardee is someone who has dedicated numerous years to hosting international interns on campus and teaching abroad, John Porcari. In the category of University Service, our awardee has assisted countless students with financing their study abroad experiences from the Financial Aid Office, Vernell Glenn. In the category of Community Service, our awardee spent many hours apart of the La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS) community organization coordinating international student and WI family matching in addition to leading faculty led programs abroad, Ale Quartiroli

Submitted on: April 13, 2017