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Yuko Iwai

Educational Studies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

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literacy, culturally responsive teaching, multicultural children's literature, multicultural education, teacher education

Current courses at UWL

EDS308 Foundations of Literacy

EDS402 Field Experience I

EDS418 Literacy Methods II



Mindy Schoengarth, BIO: Biology Ed BS; and James Carlson and Yuko Iwai, both Educational Studies; presented "Field Experiences, Virtual teaching, & Facilitating Critical Conversations: Learning to Navigate with New Tools" at Western Wisconsin Education Conference on Feb. 12 online. Educators attending this session were introduced to practices for making meaning during critical conversations along with an overview of critical talk moves for fostering critical conversations that can be used in any subject area and at any grade level.

Submitted on: Feb. 13, 2021