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Learn a language of diplomacy

Although many think of France as the primary place where French is spoken, it is just one of many spots throughout the world from West Africa to Canada. Learning French strengthens your skills for positions in business, healthcare, humanitarian work and more.

In addition to learning literature and cultural studies, UWL’s French program also prepares students for a variety of professional contexts. Courses are offered in French for professional communication and French for science and technology.

Career opportunities with a French degree

French is a language of diplomacy and leads to many opportunities in humanitarian or aid work with non-profit organizations. Several French majors have gone on to work for the Peace Corps.

Others pair French with another major area of study whether business, public health, anthropology or others.

UWL students can also consider applying to a program to teach English in France after graduation. The program, Teaching Assistant Program In France (TAPIF), offers paid positions for teaching English in secondary schools. 


What distinguishes UWL's French program?

Prepare for a globalized world

French courses will open student’s eyes to other parts of the world they may not otherwise learn about, including North and West Africa, and prepare them to be empathetic and culturally competent.

Gain research experience

Students complete an individual research project for their senior capstone. Projects invite students to bridge their academic interests. Some past projects include an analysis of a literary translation, an economic perspective on nuclear energy in France, and a cross-cultural comparison of binge drinking in the U.S. and France.

Study abroad

UWL has direct exchange programs in France (in Caen and Lorraine) through which students pay the same tuition. Program options include studying for a semester or the summer. Students may also choose to spend a semester in Senegal.

Internship abroad

A semester-long program in Senegal, West Africa, allows students to complete coursework and conduct an internship in an area of their interest.

Small class sizes

Students receive individual attention through advising and in classes with an average class size of 12-15 students.

Close knit-community

Because French is a small program, those involved become part of a community. Students get to know their cohort and professors, interacting with one another in and out of the classroom.

Conversation partners

The conversation partner program is a great opportunity for students to meet their peers and practice language skills in an informal setting.

French club

Students can interact with other French students and native speakers who are UWL students in French Club. 

Retroactive credits

If students place into French 102 or higher after taking the placement test, they can receive the retroactive credits for all UWL French classes below the the level they test into.

French proficiency certificate

In addition to majors in French and French with a Business Emphasis, and a French minor, a French proficiency certificate is available. This micro credential appears on a transcript.



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