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Tuition costs are currently $400 per credit and are the same for in-state and out-of-state residents. The charts below list tuition cost by semester, as well as providing the total tuition cost.


Tracks A & B Credits Tuition
Semester 1 (Fall) 9  $     3,600
Semester 2 (Spring) 14  $     5,600
Semester 3 (Summer) 11  $     4,400
Semester 4 (Fall) 12  $     4,800
Program Total 46  $   18,400
Tracks A (Part-Time) Credits Tuition
Semester 1 (Fall) 9 $     3,600
Semester 2 (Spring) 6 $     2,400
Semester 3 (Summer) 6 $     2,400
Semester 4 (Fall) 6 $     2,400
Semester 5 (Spring) 7 $     2,800
Semester 6 (Summer) 6 $     2,400
Semester 7 (Fall) 6 $     2,400
Program Total 46  $   18,400
Track C Credits Tuition
Semester 1 (Spring) 11  $     4,400
Semester 2 (Summer) 10  $     4,000
Semester 3 (Fall) 10  $     4,000
Program Total 31  $   12,400


Refund of tuition upon withdrawal depends on the timing of withdrawal. Visit the UWL Cashier’s office website to learn more about withdrawal and tuition refund policies

Fees/Additional Costs

  • Textbooks: Textbook costs will fluctuate based on the required textbooks each year, whether you already own some of these textbooks, and/or whether you purchase new or used textbooks. Students are advised to purchase textbooks online. (note: average student costs $300-$500)
  • Computer: A computer meeting the current UWL ITS specifications is required in order to complete online coursework.
  • Webcam: a built-in camera or stand-alone webcam is required for video/oral presentations in online courses. Also used for video conferences/chats.
  • Headphones/microphone: may be required for certain web-based sessions or conference calls. Also reduces ‘feedback’ and produces better quality oral/video presentations.
  • Scanner: A scanner may be required for submission of certain coursework material if print/scan is necessary.
  • Fees:
    • Criminal Background Check: $48.75 charged during admissions/acceptance *
    • $2 per credit learning management system fee (UWL)
    • Liability insurance: $15 charge for each internship year (Track A & B only)
    • Electronic clinical management system fee: $100 (one time charge for clinical internship records; Track A & B only)
    • $25/semester registration fee 
    • $38 graduation fee (after completion of 20 credits)
    • Select dosimetry clinical sites use a portal called MyClinical Exchange (mCE) for their student onboarding process.  The mCE portal has a yearly subscription fee of $39.50 which will be applied to the students' tuition should they attend clinical internship at one of those sites.  A full up-to-date list of sites currently using mCE can be requested from
  • Health insurance: required; responsibility of the student; must be current during enrollment.
  • Immunizations: required; responsibility of the student; must be current during enrollment. *
  • CPR certification: required; responsibility of the student; must be current during enrollment.
  • Living expenses: responsibility of the student.

     * If additional screening requirements are necessary, additional costs may be incurred.