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General information

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Can I purchase resources (trade books, textbooks, etc.) from places other than the University Bookstore? (i.e. Amazon)

The university's contract with Follett notes that the University Bookstore shall carry textbooks for purchase for select courses and supplementary textbook materials, coursepacks, lab books, etc., for all courses. The contractor shall have the sole and exclusive rights on campus to sell new and used textbooks, workbooks, trade books, general reference books, paperback books, stationery, school supplies, college jewelry, novelties, soft goods, greeting cards, art supplies, photographs, recordings, and other merchandise ordinarily sold in campus bookstores.  The University may sell supplies for certain class projects to students registered in such classes if such items are not available in the bookstore and if the contractor is either unable or uninterested in providing such supplies.

What are the deadlines for textbook and/or supply requests?

To maintain compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) guidelines and assure adequate time for processing, ordering, and shipping, textbook requests should be submitted according to the ordering cycles outlined below. This schedule allows time for follow-up contact before the end of the semester and appropriate notice to the Office of Disability Resource Services so that textbooks may be made available in formats of appropriate accommodation. Instructors/departments ordering textbooks supplied by foreign publishers should place orders as early as possible (at least 12 weeks in advance). 

Summer Session

Course Schedules Due - Second Friday in January
Textbook Orders Due - Second Friday in March, before Spring Recess  

Fall Semester

Course Schedules Due - Friday, end of the third week of second semester classes
Textbook Orders Due - Second Friday in March, before Spring Recess 

Winter Session and Spring Semester

Course Schedules Due - Friday, end of the third week of first semester classes 
Textbook Orders Due - Friday, three weeks after course schedules are due 

How do I request a textbook and/or supply from the Bookstore?

To request a textbook and/or supply, complete the Adoption Form and submit it to the University Bookstore following the appropriate ordering cycle listed above. 

How do I obtain a desk copy?

Instructor desk copies must be requested directly from the publisher.  The University Bookstore can assist faculty with information needed to obtain desk copies from publishers for the classes they teach.  

What if I only need to use one chapter in a book?

Please consult with the University Bookstore to determine available options and additional information regarding Educational Fair Use policies is provided on the Murphy Library website at: Copyright Guide: Fair Use

How does the Rent-a-Text program available in the University Bookstore differ from Textbook Rental?

Textbook Rental Services provides the majority of the textbooks utilized by undergraduate students based on the segregated fee these students pay each semester.  Supplemental course materials that are not eligible based on policy guidelines may be purchased through the University Bookstore.  Adoptions for the University Bookstore and Textbook Rental Services are submitted independently.

If you decide to add an adoption for your students to purchase in the University Bookstore, the Rent-a-Text option may provide students with the option to rent this item as a lower cost option when compared to purchasing. Please note that not all titles are available through the Rent-a-Text program.