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Eagle Advantage Infusion Training

A page within Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning (CATL)

About the Eagle Advantage Infusion Training

The Eagle Advantage Infusion invites instructors to work with colleagues across campus to learn about the Eagle Advantage career readiness tool, develop an EA-infused assignment with a reflective writing component, syllabus statement, and more. This intensive training is designed to support instructors who wish to help students make connections between course content and their career goals!


  • Learn the role and value of Eagle Advantage for your students, college, and UWL.  
  • Infuse career readiness competencies into one of your classes to help students connect course content with their career goals.  
  • Help students articulate skills/knowledge from your class to potential employers.  
  • Create an Eagle Advantage-focused assignment with reflective writing component and a syllabus statement.  
  • Collaborate with colleagues to generate additional ideas for infusing EA in teaching and non-teaching work with students. 
  • Share deliverables with the UWL community. 

Information about EAI Training

Deliverables and process work
  • Create a syllabus statement that explains to students how they will develop any of the Eagle Advantage competencies in the course 
  • Create a new or substantially revise an existing assignment that will help students meet SLOs that align with Eagle Advantage competencies; incorporate reflective writing into this assignment so that students reflect on the competencies they developed in specific assignments/course units and how they can articulate those skills to potential employers. 
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop additional ideas for infusing EA into teaching and non-teaching work with students. 
  • Engage in kind, specific, and useful peer review: 
    • Give feedback to other participants on their assignment and syllabus statement drafts
    • Receive and implement feedback on your assignment and syllabus statement drafts
  • Receive support and feedback from CATL staff during asynchronous work time 
  • Write a brief contextual statement about their project that can be shared (with the project) in the CATL Weekly, Eagle Advantage assignment archive, and other locations as needed 
Participation Requirements

Participation Requirements: 

  • Attend two in-person workshops 
  • Participate in online asynchronous drafting, peer review, and revision of deliverables between workshops, with CATL support available
  • Complete required deliverables and allow for sharing with the UWL community 


In-person workshop day 1: Monday, May 20: 9-noon with breakfast refreshments (in-person attendance required)  

  • Introductions and community-building conversations  
  • Introduction to Eagle Advantage and career readiness (with Career Services colleague Matt Gordy)  
  • Getting started activities 
  • Next steps  

Individual online asynchronous drafting days: May 21-June 6  

  • Assignment drafting  
  • Reflective writing prompt brainstorming 
  • Syllabus statement drafting  
  • Receive feedback and support from CATL staff as needed  

Online asynchronous peer review:   

  • Post assignment and syllabus statement drafts to Canvas by 5 pm, Sunday, May 26 
  • Post peer review feedback to Canvas by 5 pm, Wednesday, May 29  

Individual online asynchronous revision days: Thursday, May 30-Tuesday, June 4 

  • Revise assignment and syllabus statement based on peer review feedback  
  • Receive feedback and support from CATL staff as needed  

In-person workshop day 2: Wednesday, June 5: 9-noon with breakfast refreshments (in-person attendance required)  

  • Share revised assignment/reflective writing/syllabus statement and receive final feedback from peers and CATL  
  • Develop additional EA applications  

Final deliverables due to Canvas by 5 pm, Friday, June 7  

  • Assignment/reflective writing component 
  • Syllabus statement  
  • CATL Weekly statement about project  

A $500 stipend will be awarded upon successfully completion of the training.

Application and Selection Criteria


Online applications will be accepted through 5pm Friday, April 26, 2024.


The application asks the following questions: 

  • Name
  • Department/college affiliation 
  • Course (name & number) that you will focus on during this experience 
  • A brief description of some of the concerns you struggle with and/or opportunities you see in this course that you are hoping to address with your participation in the Eagle Advantage Infusion 
  • A brief description of your goals related to participating in the Eagle Advantage Infusion and how achieving those goals will impact student learning and career readiness 

 Decisions will be made based upon:  

  • Instructor availability (must be available to join work sessions in person on the dates in the schedule) 
  • Interest in redesigning assignments for a course to be taught in AY 2024-25 
  • Impact of proposed assignment and course on student learning and career readiness  
  • Representation across disciplines and colleges 
  • Instructor’s commitment to implement proposed changes 

Questions regarding applications can be directed to Tesia Marshik (, CATL Specialist - Documenting and Assessing Student Learning. 

Previous Eagle Advantage Infusion Training Cohorts

Summer 2022

Summer 2023

Bianca Basten PSY Tracie Blumentritt PSY
Basu Bhattacharyya CHM Cord Brundage BIO
Nilakshi Borah FIN Whitney George MTH
Justin Davis MUS Kelly Gorres CHM
Penelope Hardy HIS Omar Granados GCL
Anna Keefe GCL Katy Kortenkamp PSY
Valerie Krage DES Deanna Maynard DES
Lisa Kruse SOC Dipankar Mitra CS
Lisa Lenarz ART Jamie Schweigert PSY
Christine Manno MGT Tanvi Thakkar PSY
Tesia Marshik PSY Casey Tobin PSY
Brenda Murray ECO Stacy Trisler MKT
Elizabeth Peacock ARC Katie Wagoner HEHP
Alyssa Remsburg ENV Hongying Xu GCL
Sam Schmidt ESS  
Daniel Schneider PHL  
Terrance Smith CST  
Tiffany Trimmer HIS  

Each participant provided a summary of their work which can be found in this OneDrive folder (accessible with UWL login): Eagle Advantage Showcase, 2022 Cohort