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Classroom management

A page within CATL Teaching Improvement Guide

Brief Description 

Classroom management captures a number of teaching elements that impact the classroom environment for teaching and learning.  Effective classroom management is about developing proactive ways to prevent problems from occurring in the first place while creating a positive learning environment. Establishing that climate for learning is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching and one of the most difficult skills to master. Classroom management is much deeper than just rules for behavior. It is an approach to instructional design that considers the classroom and student together. Each professor and student brings different expectations, experiences, goals, attitudes, and personalities to the classroom.  Finding which which strategies for classroom management works best for you is the key.


  1. Minor disruptions - use proximity. When possible, move around the classroom as you conduct class.  Stand close by students who might be pursuing activities other than listening.

  2. Time on task.  Be prepared to ask the off task student a content based question to engage back into the lesson. 

  3. Lack of participation - Use structured small groups and assign each member a group duty.

  4. Unprepared students - Consider giving brief, periodic quizzes. 

Tips to Implement Classroom Management Effectively

  • The first day of your course, assist students by explaining protocols and responsibilities that are part of succeeding in your course.

  • Being well organized yourself will help to establishing a productive atmosphere in your courses.

  • Plan beyond the passive gathering of material to the active participation and engagement with materials.

  • Set learner expectations through a well-thought-out syllabus.

  • Create a safe environment that emphasizes time on task.

  • Vary your teaching methods as a way to keep teaching fresh and students engaged.


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