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Community Engaged independent study

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What is Community Engaged independent study?

Students interested in pursuing community-based academic endeavors, such as research or projects that are developed in conjunction with the expressed needs of a community business or organization, should start by securing a faculty mentor (traditionally, within their major or close interest area).

  • A list of over 400 potential mentors is on the Student Research, Creativity and Experiential Learning webpage- contact any whose work you find interesting or speak to any of your instructors who may be working on an appropriate project.
    • Graduate students should start with faculty in their home programs.
  • Projects can be completed as a volunteer or for credit, and students can apply for grants to get paid to work on your project.

Visit us!

UWL Office of Community Engagement
Cleary Alumni & Friends Center, Room 114
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601